With more than one-third of consumers continuing to switch brands/retailers based on personal value and interests, the CPG industry has come a long way. This is quite a radical shift from the consumer trends observed a few years back where preference was given to affordability and savings that a particular product offered. Clearly, there was a dire need for CPG brands to engage with their customers to push brand growth and connect with them at different touchpoints in their buying journey. This holistic consumer data management strategy is a prerequisite to building a direct relationship between brands and consumers. CPG brands are thus interacting with consumers by offering experiential rewards and creating memorable experiences.

In Capillary’s recent webinar on CPG in 2022: Outlook, Trends & Strategies, guest speaker Sucharita Kodali (VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester) spoke about the burgeoning importance of DTC in the CPG industry. We, at Capillary, further continue this indispensable conversation in a candid Q&A with her where she addresses DTC in detail, the post-pandemic surge in brand switchers, and how socially conscious offerings may promote sustainability for the CPG industry.


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Aditi Jindal
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