CRMC 2023 Preview – Retail Titans Headline Chicago Conference

We’re sharing the stage with our client NASCAR on Thursday, June 8th at 4:00 to discuss a first in the sporting industry - a pure loyalty engagement program, NASCAR Fan Rewards.


Joe Doran

3 Min Read

May 16, 2023


The Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) 2023 is upon us again and kicks off the first week of June in Chicago.


This yearly conference features the ‘who’s who’ of customer loyalty and CX in the retail industry and their partners.  


CRMC’s agenda is always full of industry-leading and globally recognized brands, and this year tops them all. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Walgreens, and our favorite, NASCAR (no, you can’t have them as a client, so just walk away) – are taking the stage. These sessions will share valuable and real-world takeaways from their customer experience and loyalty initiatives – the good, the bad, and everything in between. We’re sharing the stage with our client NASCAR on Thursday, June 8th at 4:00 to discuss a first in the sporting industry – a pure loyalty engagement program, NASCAR Fan Rewards. Attendees will get an inside look into the strategy behind this engagement program and even have a chance to receive some cool NASCAR swag. 


NASCAR Fan Rewards


Other brands and keynote speakers will share their insights at CRMC on the ever-changing retail landscape and what trends flourished in 2023 and what hasn’t. With challenges & bankruptcy scares coming from every angle, retailers (Bed, Bath, & Be-Gone anyone?) must remain innovative and forward-thinking while keeping the customer and their experience at the center of all loyalty strategies and initiatives. Customers want to engage with their favorite brands, and they want that engagement to be relevant, personalized, and timely. Experiential retail experiences, automation, Artificial Intelligence, and social and mobile commerce are potential strategies to incorporate into your initiatives to keep your customers engaged and, more importantly, loyal. 


These customer loyalty and engagement strategies will all be shared and discussed amongst the industry’s top brands and vendors at CRMC this year. If you’re attending this year, be sure to stop by our booth in the Normandie Lounge to meet the Capillary team, including some of the newly-joined folks from our recent acquisition of Brierley. Our team is serving our infamous Rainbow Cone ice cream on Thursday the 8th, so grab a cone before heading to our session with NASCAR. 


If you can’t make CRMC this year and still want to chat, reach out to me at


Joe Doran

Joe Doran is the Senior Vice President at Capillary, North America. He's a loyalty ambassador, digital strategist and an expert at creating 1 to 1 customer programs.

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