Capillary Engage+ enables you to engage consumers based on certain actions such as on product purchase, Point of Sale or on product barcode/QR code scan etc. With Real-time messaging trigger dynamic and personalised, limited time offers for products which the customer might also buy along with what they’re interested in. This has been proven to boost Average Basket Size, Average Basket Value and Repeat Sales for brands using Capillary Engage+

Introduction to Real-time messaging

With the real-time messaging feature on Engage+ you can issue coupons and offers instantly to customers based on their current purchase or barcode scan activity. You can write specific rules on either of these two events:

  • New bill – real-time messaging: Lets you create rules on a new transaction
  • Scan (New Update):  Lets you create rules on a new scan event. This supports SKU/product code, promotion code, and customer included in the ‘feed’ API input. You can create conditions on product code, product brand, and product category

    Scope Limitation

    • The scan event only works for registered customers
    • A customer can redeem these coupons either for the same transaction or on their next transaction

How to create a real-time messaging campaign

To learn how to get started with this, please click here to go through a detailed article on Creating real-time messaging (Bounceback) campaigns

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