I recently came across this video on my Facebook wall and loved the way this group of musicians used Beethoven to pay homage to their city.

What I also couldn’t help noticing was the audience. All of them within a matter of seconds pulled out their phones and started recording. Why did they do this I wondered? Why would they start recording the performance and interrupt the magical experience they were encountering live?

Then it occurred to me. Today, we love to share our experiences. We all like to constantly share the precious moments of our lives with our friends and family. We are ever connected to each other. And so are your customers.

Capillary Technologies has been an expert at studying and predicting customer behavior to empower retailers with the right strategy and marketing campaigns to engage intelligently with their customers. With the marketing scenario changing rapidly, customers have moved from print, TV, mobile and web to social. Proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other smart devices have made sure these customers are “on” at all times. Ready to inquire, shop and share.

Capillary Social Connect consists of a set of customizable tools to connect customer data and allow retailers to glean insights from across the web, social media and the store. By connecting a customer’s interactions across multiple channels and creating an integrated view, retailers are better able to understand shopper behavior. Leading to effective and intelligent engagement with customers. So what’s so great about this solution?

Customizable Social Apps
Your brand is unique, and we understand that. That is why our products are flexible to cater to your unique requirements. Be it acquiring new customers or engaging with the existing ones, with our template style apps, you can easily customize your own referral, feedback and profile update pages and go live within no time. These easy to plug and play applications make sure you get the right solution for your business.

Data Enrichment Capabilities
Providing outstanding experiences to your customers requires you to know them thoroughly. That requires you to have updated data at all times. And that requires Capillary’s Social Connect. Stay updated on your customers, with easy to implement features like account area on your web and/or Facebook pages. Incentivize customers to update their information in a single click – little hassle, big response using pre-authenticated campaigns.

Deep CRM Integration
We know that the world of retail is moving towards omnichannel, and we are going to make sure you are prepared for it. Capillary’s Social Connect is integrated with your core CRM platform. This means you have all the data on your customers – feedback; comments, transaction history and more – collected from multiple channels available at a single platform.

Customer Acquisition, Social Coupons and 1:1 Facebook Targeting
You know those fans of yours on Facebook? When was the last time you interacted with them and got something in return from them? Cannot recall? My point exactly.

Convert your fans its revenue generators. Increase the number of fans on your social media page with fan-gating strategies, target them with relevant coupons and drive more traffic to your stores and e-commerce site. Fans to customers to brand ambassadors – let’s do it together!

How do I get Social Connect?
To know more about Capillary’s Intelligent Customer Engagement Suite, contact us.


Azmeen Ansar, Associate Manager – Product Marketing

Azmeen Ansar
Marketing Manager, SEA at Capillary Technologies, Azmeen handles lead generation, content marketing and PR for the entire SEA region. She has also had extensive experience in helping brands such as Tunglok Group, Pizza Hut and KFC get consumer ready by implementing tech forward consumer experience and consumer relationship initiatives.