Liali Jewellery engages consumers better and increases conversions through a data-driven approach to their CRM strategy

The Challenge

One of the leading retailers of fine-jewellery in the UAE, Liali has established 20 boutique outlets in the country since 1999. The brand focuses on it’s upmarket clientele with their strategic locations and unique, personalised customer service.

As the brand was in a mature market, dealing in a category with low-frequency, high-value purchases, they had realised the importance of having a CRM program early on and chose Capillary to help them with it.

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The Solution

Exceptional Insights

Liali’s entire customer database was analysed and meaningful segments were created to enable targeted messaging.


Elevated Engagement

Through the data gathered, personalised lifecycle campaigns were executed with the right products, messaging and rewards at the right time, through the right channels.


“Keeping our existing customers loyal to Liali is what Capillary has been helping us to do. We leverage their domain expertise in consumer lifecycle journey to engage, retain and win back our customers effectively. It has also helped us to invest our marketing dollar more effectively. Thereby growing YoY on all fronts.”

Oofrish Contractor
Head of Marketing

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