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At Capillary, we help businesses grow amidst changing consumer expectations. Ensure your existing customers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behaviour and enable lasting loyalty. Boost revenues with personalised engagement and better omnichannel buying experiences. With our comprehensive AI-powered consumer experience platform and outcome-driven approach, we’re your success partners.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut

"Being in the process of completely transforming consumer experiences across channels, we're delighted to partner with Capillary to build a proprietary ecosystem of capabilities. By helping us set up a Fast Casual Digital Store and more, they're enabling us deliver the Easiest, Fastest & Tastiest Experience to our customers”

Milind Pant
Milind Pant
Pizza Hut

Stay Consumer Ready with an AI-powered End-to-End Loyalty Platform.

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Engagement-based Loyalty

Influence your customer lifecycle by rewarding them for the desired actions just beyond transactions

Engagement-based Loyalty

Event Management Framework

A highly customizable event management framework to help you create complex triggers and reward at ease

Personalised Rewards

Loyalty Builder helps you Segment and target your loyal base at the right time in their purchasing cycle

Rewards Catalogue

Go beyond points and vouchers to provide experiential rewards to your esteemed consumers

Meaningful Experiences

Keep your customers hooked to your loyalty program

Add the Fun element

Build a community of loyal members with gamification elements, host competitions. All on your Loyalty App

Go Social

Create a social connection with your customers by rewarding them for their social interactions with your brand

Spread a positive word of mouth

Reach out to the wider audience with referral bonuses and Friends and Family Loyalty programs

Meaningful Experiences

AI-powered hyper-personalised campaigns

Powered by Capillary aiRA, the platform helps you run 1:1 engagement at scale. Create zero-touch customer journeys based on data

AI-powered hyper-personalised campaigns

Zero™ Touch Campaigns

Engage with the right audience on the right channel with the right communication at the right time. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms create the best campaigns for you and reduce the noise

Influence consumer journeys

Journey Builder helps you automate your engagement across your consumer’s purchase lifecycle and communicate the next best message

Real-time communication

Drive instant gratification through time-bound offers

Consumer Data Platform

Gather consumer data from all touchpoints and get a 360° single view of consumers with a Consumer Data Platform (CDP)

A unified data platform

Capture data across channels, cleanse and dedupe consumer records, and enrich consumer records based on each and every activity

Get a 360° single view of your customers

Get a 360° single view of each consumer along with transactional and behavioural activity across channels

Enable segmentation and personalisation

Increase conversions with personalised messaging and experiences powered by demographical and behavioural customer segmentation through CDP data

Consumer Data Platform

Learn about the new-age Loyalty Strategies

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