What customers really want is a million dollar question!

As business leaders, we need to see the world through the customer’s eyes. Obviously, there is an imperative need during times like these to align with customer expectations and redesign CX to increase brand loyalty.

The pandemic has had an immediate impact on customer behaviour and consequently on revenue and growth plans. Some executives had to deal with time-compressed roadmaps for digital transformation, while other digital leaders had to discard orchestrated omnichannel experience playbooks to improvise customer engagement levels.

Find out how REDTAG, a leader in the fashion and lifestyle market with 180+ stores across the Middle East and Asia, has closely aligned the brand's business capabilities and customer behavioral strategy to sustain growth. Join us in our upcoming fireside chat ‘The CX Revolution: Growth Strategies and Future Outlook’ as Shehbaz Shaikh (Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG) shares his evolutionary CX journey with Aneesh Reddy (Co-founder & CEO, Capillary Technologies).

4 great reasons to attend:

  • Customer behaviour trends across the Middle East
  • How REDTAG redesigned their customer experience strategy
  • How loyalty and customer engagement is the key driver in building REDTAG’s digital landscape
  • Innovative retail growth strategies to combat the uncertainties

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Shehbaz Shaikh is the Chief Retail Officer of REDTAG, a BMA International subsidiary and a leading fashion/lifestyle retail group in the GCC region. With nearly 20 years of experience across BMA International's fashion, food and finance verticals, combined with stints in KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, Shehbaz brings rich market insight and eclectic domain expertise to the table. Shehbaz is also an avid tennis player, with quite a few prestigious trophies under his belt. Led by a purpose-driven mindset, strategic thinking, sportsmanlike disposition and ability to be a lifetime learner, Shehbaz continues to excel within the retail ecosystem.

Shehbaz Shaikh

Cheif Retail Officer



Aneesh Reddy is the Co-Founder & CEO of Capillary Technologies. An alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur, Aneesh has been recognized as a "Forty Under 40" leader by Fortune Magazine and the Economic Times. He is an active contributor to the start-up ecosystem. He's also an avid trekker, long-distance runner and traveler.

Aneesh Reddy

Co-founder & CEO

Capillary Technologies

Inderpreet Singh