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Capillary Aviation Solutions

A solution created for airlines, booking companies, and associated industries to scale and grow.
A loyalty solution specifically designed to delight travelers – casual, business, and avid. It helps understand, reward, motivate, and deliver relevant engagement across the traveler’s lifecycle.
Created for Aviation marketers to automate, personalise and accelerate incremental value for travellers while getting a higher yield.
Detailed and better data

Precise, up-to-date data on booking, boarding, and travel status, preferences, frequented destinations, travel class and more to get a clear dashboard view of travelers.

Loyalty program designed for Travelers

Incentivize travelers differentially for sectors covered, journeys undertaken & services opted. Push real-time offers & AI-based recommendations to provide enhanced experiences.

A complete Ecosystem of partners including booking agents.

Finally, a system to manage the entire ecosystem so the customer can gain flexibility and aviation partners can grow.

Solution aviation
Why Aviation Solutions?
“Comprehensive traveller engagement solutions,
built for the Aviation industry.”
Proactive acceleration through Aviation solutions
Aviation solutions combine a robust CDP, advanced data segmentation, AI-driven prediction and a loyalty program that gives incremental value to travellers and brands.
Solution aviation
  • Enabling customized offerings based on the traveller segment, type of travel and the frequency of usage and preference of services.
  • Leverage the Loyalty program to increase customer stickiness.
  • Earn points on miles travelled, services opted, expenditure on extended ecosystems, and redeem points anytime, anywhere
Travel Industry Business Challenges

Low or limited traveller preferences like casual traveller vs business or the avid traveller.

Limited visibility into detailed customer journeys.

Restricted ability to monetize data and evolve service & extended ecosystem.

Limited ability to diversify revenue streams.

Capillary Aviation Solution Features
A complete ecosystem of benefits to accelerate traveller engagement.
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