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Store Footfall Analytics
Boost conversion and sales with accurate retail insights

Get critical insights around customer demographics, store footfalls, conversion ratio, and staff performance in real-time with our intelligent retail data analytics solution. Start unlocking the full potential of your retail store by taking data-driven decisions about staff management, store layouts and merchandizing.

Smart Store Partner for leading brands

Retail Footfall Data Analytics Customers
Retail Footfall Data Analytics Customers emea

Enhance InStore Experience

How Accurate In store Analytics Increases Store Sales

In Store Analytics

Visitor Behaviour

Leverage advanced computer vision to understand how different visitor segments are navigating your store and which products they liked to optimize merchandising and store layout

Cutomer Data Analytics


Get real-time updates on your visitor's age, gender and style profiles, and use them to offer personalize recommendations to enhance customer experience and increase conversions

Footfall Analysis


Integrate footfall analysis and in store data with CRM, social insights and campaign management software to deliver delightful shopping experiences anytime, anywhere!

Store Traffic Analytics

Retail Analytics Dashboard

Track store traffic, conversion rates and staff performance across multiple stores in real-time on a unified, visual dashboard on the go

Retail Customer Analytics

Marketing Effectiveness

Analyze customer segments and store traffic during multiple digital and traditional marketing campaigns to understand what content and communication works for your target audience

Smart Store Analytics

Staff Management

Leverage insights around store peak hours to schedule staff breaks and to prevent over/understaffing issues. The SmartStore analytics app also boosts staff productivity through real-time leaderboards

Why VisitorSense is trusted by 300+ Brands

  • >>Artificial Intelligence based footfall analytics with real-time camera vision processing

  • >>95% accuracy with ability to distinguish between shopping carts, store staff and customers

  • >>Remote configuration and troubleshooting capabilities

  • >>Integrates with Capillary Instore for real-time reporting and advanced retail analytics

  • >>Easy installation & virtually zero maintenance

  • >>Integrate new features and functionalities without hardware changes

  • >>Monitoring and management on AWS IoT Core


Kontoor Brands


“Capillary has played a pivotal role in helping Kontoor Brands (formerly, VF Brands) improve our store performance significantly through the AI-powered VisitorMetrix™ which helps us understand store traffic and conversion ratio to optimise sales and marketing across all our stores.”

- Pankaj Agarwal, Retail Director

Liali Jewellery


“Keeping our existing customers loyal to Liali is what Capillary has been helping us to do. We leverage their domain expertise in consumer lifecycle journey to engage, retain and win back our customers effectively. It has also helped us to invest our marketing dollar more effectively. Thereby growing YoY on all fronts.”

- Oofrish Contractor, Head of Marketing

Footfall Analytics

Best in Class 95% Accuracy

Capillary people counter is powered by intelligent computer vision and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy data and insights even under variable lighting and weather conditions. Every device is trained with more than 6 million images and 1000+ hours of video footages to efficiently differentiate between shopping carts, store staff, children and customers.

Boost In Store Conversion & Sales

The Smart Store retail analytics solution increases store conversion and sales by : personalizing customer interactions through accurate customer insights, empowering staff with store staff with a single view profile of the customer, tracking the impact of marketing campaigns by correlating with store footfalls and conversion, and optimizing staff management through effective staff allocation based on store peak hours.

Deliver Delightful Shopping Experiences

While footfall analytics is important, it often doesn't reveal the full picture. To deliver a truly delightful and personalized retail experience, you will need to understand a customer's persona (age, gender, style preferences), how he/she interacts with the products (dwell times, heatmaps), and optimize staffing and customer interactions. Capillary's Smart Store solution is designed to elevate the entire customer experience at every touchpoint - from entry to exit.

Empower Your Store Staff

With the Store Max mobile application, your retail store staff can track and convert the leads, manage CRM data, offer personalized recommendations to customers to improve their shopping experience. The app also enables gamification through leaderboards that offers daily updates on sales and conversion numbers to each staff in comparison to other associates.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds


“At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we believe, data is an important part of our business. With Capillary, we've been able to unlock actionable insights into our consumers and business that allows us to make informed strategic decisions to provide better customer experience and more value to our business.”

- Mr Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director – International Operations


  • contact_supportHow do you calculate store footfall? expand_more

    Store footfalls can be calculated with either infrared beam counters or video-based footfall counters. The latter is far more accurate and offers additional insights around customer age, gender etc and conversion ratio.

  • contact_supportWhat is retail store analytics? expand_more

    Retail analytics is a broader term that refers to the analysis of various customer, product and store data points that can help brands to optimize and improve the shopping experience. This analysis is typically done around customer behaviour, staff performance and marketing effectiveness.

  • contact_supportHow can footfall analytics improve the retail experience? expand_more

    Footfall analytics can improve the overall retail experience by helping brands to deliver a more personalized shopping experience, improving store merchandising, enhancing staff productivity, reducing labour costs and measuring marketing effectiveness.

  • contact_supportWhat is a people counter? expand_more

    A people counter is a type of footfall counter than can offer additional insights like customer age, gender and style preferences.

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