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Capillary's Engagement-based loyalty program leverages hyperpersonalization, Big Data and deep customer insights to foster positive customer engagement, higher repeat sales and enhanced customer satisfaction throughout the purchase journey.

Capillary’s Engagement-based Loyalty Program is trusted by leading Enterprise Brands

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Engagement-based Loyalty

Go beyond transactions and positively influence customer lifecycle by rewarding them for the desired actions

customer engagement loyalty program

Event Management Framework

A fully customizable event management framework to help you create complex triggers and reward at ease

Personalised Rewards

Segment and target your loyal base with relevant and contextual rewards at the right time in their purchasing cycle

Rewards Catalogue

Go beyond points and vouchers to provide experiential rewards to your esteemed customers.

Gamify Your Loyalty Program

Keep your customers hooked to your loyalty program

Increase Average Order Values

Start increasing order values through limited-time promotions and exclusive rewards

Boost Engagement Levels

Increase point redemption and engagement rates with leaderboards and tier-based rewards

Amplify Brand Reach

Reach out to a wider audience with referral bonuses and Friends/Family loyalty programs

loyalty engagement experience

Community-driven Loyalty Program

customer engagement loyalty program

Leverage the Power of Social

Boost your digital reach by rewarding your customers for social actions like - likes, shares etc.

Nurture Brand Evangelists & Influencers

Encourage customers to leave positive reviews about your brand by offering them exclusive rewards.

Make them Feel Special

Our loyalty program makes it easy for you to identify your top customers, their interests, preferences, etc. Leverage these insights to organize events and other experiential rewards for a specific segment.

What our Customers say

KFC, Singapore

KFC, Singapore

“With Capillary, we were able to understand our consumers better, how they were segmented, especially in the delivery business, and hence we understood which offers to push to the consumers at the right time”

Virginia Ng
Virginia Ng
Senior Marketing Manager
VF Brands

VF Brands, India

“Through the CRM program, we could understand the consumer better and send out messages that are relevant to them, so they engage better with the brand. This is why Capillary has played a pivotal role in helping us achieve our consumer centric goals"

Pankaj Agarwal
Pankaj Agarwal
Retail Director
Mitra 10, Indonesia

Mitra 10, Indonesia

“Mitra10 aims at maximising engagement for better loyalty performance. With Capillary as our partner, we are excited to move ahead in this direction and check all boxes of a strong personalised CRM programme. Loyalty+ gives us the flexibility to decide what we want to reward each of our customers with and when. The level of customization possible here was exactly what we wanted from our CRM program.”

I Gusti A A I Putriaril
I Gusti A A I Putriari
General Manager of CRM
Jewel Corner, EMEA

Jewel Corner, EMEA

"In a low frequency, high-value purchase industry like jewellery, where Jewel Corner operates, a simple point rewards-based loyalty system is not very effective. We know that a continuous engagement process coupled with experiential rewards will do the magic in helping us seal the next purchase. Capillary Technologies with their in-depth know-how and service expertise have a proven record of helping brands achieve such feats"

Rihen Mehta
Rihen Mehta
Chairman of 7Cs Group

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  • contact_supportWhat is engagement based loyalty? expand_more

    Engagement based loyalty is an advanced form of loyalty program that allows brands to positively influence customer behaviour throughout the purchase cycle.

  • contact_supportHow to implement a customer loyalty engagement program? expand_more

    To implement a customer loyalty engagement programs, brands will need to incorporate newer technologies Big Data, AI etc within the traditional loyalty program framework.

  • contact_supportHow is loyalty engagement different from traditional loyalty programs? expand_more

    Traditional loyalty programs are losing their effectiveness as they heavily transaction-focussed. Loyalty engagement programs can boost redemption and engagement rates by incentivizing a wider array of customer behaviour

  • contact_supportWhat are the benefits of customer loyalty engagement? expand_more

    Customer loyalty engagement can improve customer engagement, brand reach and customer satisfaction levels.

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