Omnichannel Loyalty Rewards Program
Increase Customer Lifetime Value & Business Growth

Capillary's reward program software helps you retain and reward your best customers at the perfect time in their purchase cycle. Build addictive consumer experiences by going beyond simplistic earn & redeem structures - Loyalty+ lets you reward your customers for non-transactional actions like store-check ins, referrals, social shares and product reviews. Start boosting repeat sales, brand mindshare and conversions!

Rewards Program Partner for Leading Brands

Loyalty Rewards Program Customers
Loyalty Rewards Program Customers

Boost Your Sales & Conversions!

How Capillary Rewards Software Boosts Repeat Sales

Omnichannel Rewards Program

Omnichannel Integration

Boost customer engagement and conversions by enabling your customers to earn and burn loyalty points across any digital and offline channels like website, mobile app, in-store or social channels.

Rewards Program Management

Loyalty Program Manager

Simplify reward program management by tracking all aspects of your loyalty program like customer segmentation, campaign management, reward tiers and reporting/insights on KPIs on a single platform.

Personalized Rewards Software


Increase loyalty campaign success rates with highly personalized and contextual promotions. The Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm automatically chooses the ideal offer, time and channel for every customer.

Loyalty Rewards Platform

Your Reward Program

Loyalty+ lets you unify your group or partner brands under a single umbrella through coalition and multi-brand reward programs to enable cross-shopping and easy management.

Customer Rewards Program Software

Visual Dashboards

Track the health of your rewards program on an intuitive, visual dashboard with automated reporting and insights around earn & burn ratios, registrations etc.

Customized Loyalty Rewards Program


Loyalty+ supports multiple reward program types like points, tier-based, mobile app or loyalty cards. What's more, you can automate, all aspects of a program like redemption, expiry, upgrade/downgrade scenarios etc.

Why Loyalty+ is trusted by 300+ Brands

  • >>Reward card programs & digital loyalty programs

  • >>Omnichannel registration & point redemption

  • >>Fully customizable reward program attributes

  • >>Event-based triggers

  • >>AI-powered campaign personalization

  • >>Easy POS & ecommerce integration

  • >>Real-time customer engagement

  • >>Single View of Customers

  • >>Mobile-friendly architecture

KFC Singapore

KFC Singapore

“With Capillary, we were able to understand our consumers better, how they were segmented, especially in the delivery business, and hence we understood which offers to push to the consumers at the right time.”

- Virginia Ng, Senior Marketing Manager

Liali Jewellery

Liali Jewellery

“Keeping our existing customers loyal to Liali is what Capillary has been helping us to do. We leverage their domain expertise in consumer lifecycle journey to engage, retain and win back our customers effectively. It has also helped us to invest our marketing dollar more effectively. Thereby growing YoY on all fronts”

- Oofrish Contractor, Head of Marketing

Customer Rewards Platform

Insight-driven Personalized Rewards

Use the power of data to drive higher sales & conversions! Loyalty+ rewards platform is powered by an advanced AI algorithm that suggests the most relevant promotions and rewards for every customer based on his/her preferences, interests and browsing behaviour.

Truly Omnichannel Reward Platform

Offer a simple, easy and intuitive loyalty program by unifying your reward program across the website, mobile app, in-store and social media. Get a single view of the customer, regardless of the channel they chose to engage with your brand.

Growth Consult Approach

Our loyalty experts will optimize your loyalty strategy using industry insights and best practices gained from their interaction with more than 300 brands across diverse sectors like retail, apparel & fashion, F&B, hypermarkets, automotive and CPG.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Loyalty+ is designed to ensure that your best customers don't switch to competitors through a combination of interest-based personalized rewards, timely engagement, relevant offers/promotions and convenient earn/redeem system.

Increase Average Order Value

With our smart loyalty program platform, you can create automated event-based triggers to reward customer at the right time in the purchase cycle, leading to higher redemption rates, upsell/cross-sell opportunities and better customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integrations

Our loyalty rewards software seamlessly integrates with your CRM, POS and ecommerce platforms to offer a delightful customer experience across any channel.

Flexible & Fully Customizable

Create a single umbrella customer loyalty platform for multiple brands within your group, or start a partner loyalty program with a different brand to optimize customer acquisition costs. What's more, Loyalty+ allows limitless customizations in the form of custom attributes, multiple tiers, reward point systems and upgrade/downgrade terms to suit your business goals.

Loyalty Rewards Software


  • contact_supportDo loyalty programs really work? expand_more

    Yes, when implemented and managed well, loyalty programs can increase repeat sales and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Unfortunately, most brands treat loyalty programs as a launch and forget scheme which leads to high failure rates.

  • contact_supportHow does reward programs increase sales? expand_more

    Reward programs increase sales in multiple ways: increasing brand recall through personalized engagement, creating a purchase-reward habit loop, enabling cross-sell/upsell opportunities and boosting overall customer satisfaction.

  • contact_supportWhat is a loyalty rewards platform? expand_more

    A loyalty rewards platform is the backend system or software which controls all aspects of a loyalty program like customer contact information, points earned/redeemed, point expiry criteria, type of rewards/offers, membership tiers etc.

  • contact_supportHow do I launch a loyalty program? expand_more

    A great loyalty program can provide substantial benefits to your business in terms of sales and brand mindshare. Here are the steps to take before launching a loyalty program:

    1. Understand your customer's needs and aspirations
    2. Study current customer satisfaction levels
    3. Identify goals and metrics you will measure
    4. Set a budget
    5. Create a reward program framework
    6. Keep optimizing your program based on customer feedback and insights from your loyalty platform

Start increasing your online & offline sales!