Smart Store+

Turbocharge Your Retail Store with AI

Increase conversion with enhanced store experiences

Customers expect seamless, immersive and personalised experiences when they visit your store. Capillary Smart Store+ let's you personalise in store experiences and maximize conversions by empowering you with critical insights around visitor demographics, in store behaviour of customers and staff performance.

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Access advanced footfall analytics to help you understand store conversion ratio and store performance


Capture and analyse store conversions

Know the ‘power hours’ where most of your conversions take place. Drill down into traffic and conversions metrics by time period, different stores and regions, etc.

Optimise staff management and increase conversions

Use store analytics data to set staff goals, schedule breaks and maintenance activities based on hourly traffic rates and store sales

Measure marketing efforts

Correlate marketing campaigns with store traffic and conversions to understand and optimize marketing campaigns across regions and stores

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Boost In Store Conversion with accurate Footfall Analytics


Optimize merchandising with deeper insights around age and gender of your store visitors with AI powered customer analytics


Know and understand store visitors

Know the age and gender of store walk-ins to understand the demographic split to optimize marketing campaigns, merchandising and store staff

Plan merchandise displays

Understand body types and fashion profiles of store visitors to gain insights on what’s trending, based on region and demographics to make better merchandising decisions and enable personalised in-store recommendations

Capture behaviour and intent

Get repeat customer and dwell-time insights to uncover visit frequency, buying intent, new vs repeat walk-ins. Start correlating how merchandising, store layout and inventory impacts dwell time and conversions

Facial recognition based personalisation

Identify customers when they walk in to your store and leverage the data to offer hyperpersonalized in store experience


Store Max

Empower your store staff to offer a personalized customer experience with a dedicated app that helps them track and convert leads


Manage in-store leads

Capture visitor details before they even make a purchase. Enable staff to engage and nurture them to buy

Democratise CRM

Provide store staff with a single view of the customer, and enable them to search/filter customers, add/edit customer records and engage with consumers

Empower your staff to sell more

Enable your staff to offer personalised product recommendations for individual consumers and gamify sales target achievements to drive more conversions

Endless Aisle

Increase in store conversion by allowing your customers to buy products in real-time, even when they are out of stock.

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Mitigate loss of sale

Empower your customers to buy exactly what they want even if it is not available at the store

Infinite Conversions

Increase cart values by showcasing your entire catalog at their fingertips

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  • contact_support What is Smart Store+? expand_more

    Smart Store+ is a suite of in-store analytics solutions that is designed to help retailers increase conversions by giving them access to customer insights like age, demographics, style preferences etc, which can be used to personalize the entire shopping experience. The suite includes a footfall counter, an in-store vision platform for tracking customer behaviour, clienteling app for store staff and an Endless Aisle solution for allowing customers to buy products in real-time from a digitized kiosk.

  • contact_support What is in store analytics? expand_more

    In-store analytics is a framework for extracting meaningful insights from customer behavior within a store. It typically involves collecting customer data around age, gender, demographics and in-store behaviour. In-store analytics can connect the dots between the customer, store and the brand - thereby allowing businesses to optimize the shopping experience based on real-time data.

  • contact_support How do footfall counters work? expand_more

    Footfall counters, also known as people counters use sensors and computer vision to capture customer movement within a store and use this data to extract meaningful insights like conversion ratio, peak store hours and sales comparison across multiple stores. Advanced people counters like Capillary's VisitorSense can also offer insights around customer age, gender, demographics etc. To learn more about footfall counters, check out our blog post on How We Built an AI-Powered Footfall Counter.

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