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Intelligent Loyalty Is A Combination Of Advanced Data Collection, Enhanced Analytics, And Efficient Interpretation To Keep Them Actionable.

Why Intelligent Loyalty?

"Intelligent Loyalty captures insights close enough to delight a customer outside the customer purchase journey."

The Capillary Intelligent Loyalty platform is a combination of business intelligence technology and strategy that allows businesses to fully understand their historical data, report on the state of the present, and forecast and predict future business outcomes.


Making Data Enterprise Ready - Advanced CDP

“With so many interaction channels today, it’s difficult to know where your consumer has been and how they engage with your brand. Gather consumer data from all touch-points and get a 360° single view of consumers with a Consumer Data Platform”

Capillary CDP+ helps you decipher real-time interactions by applying machine learning and AI capabilities. It enables marketers to create a smarter purpose for their marketing strategies, and deliver omnichannel messages. The Capillary Customer Data Management platform gives you a 360-degree view of the customer enabling focused targeting, hyper-personalization, and real-time engagement.


A Platform Robust, Sophisticated Yet Simple To Use
Capillary Intelligent Loyalty Platform Manager

A comprehensive personalized customer loyalty platform to build stronger relationships between your customer and you.

Capillary Intelligent Loyalty is a platform designed with performance in mind. It’s a platform that gives you inventive and innovative software solutions that equip you with the capabilities to execute your customer loyalty strategy. Putting you right on top of your business helps you plan, decide, manage, execute and monitor your strategy, built for you, by you to meet your business's needs. Capillary Loyalty Program Manager is a full-suite tech solution that delivers customized end-to-end customer loyalty marketing solutions.



Proprietary Technology

Nudge Framework

Apply Nudge framework to your loyalty programs and deliver up to 5X results.

Nudge is an advanced framework that helps manage a loyalty program to empower marketers with valuable recommendations and guide their choices.

The Capillary Nudge Framework revolves around the nudge theory, which seeks to understand how people think and make decisions. The framework attempts to improve the decisions while trying to modify unproductive influences, such as setting up a promotion but not activating it. Designing digital nudges is an evolving and meticulous process. With years of expertise in the space of loyalty program design and management, The Capillary team applies a lot of thought to develop appropriate actions on each of its aspects.

Nudge Framework empowers customers, creating more delight, and helping them be independent while helping the brand reduce/ mitigate turnaround clarifications.


Loyalty Delivered Sales

Appy LDS as a strategy. Utilize it as a benchmark. Or wield it for up to 20 % growth.

Loyalty delivered sales (LDS) is a means to determine the financial impact provided by your loyalty program. The LDS strategy solves a long-standing question on every CMO’s mind with regard to delivering ROI.

We present a scientific method to measure true Loyalty Delivered Sales (LDS), the difference in sales between the two groups. When measured as a % of total sales (LDS%), it quantifies the financial impact of the loyalty program.


Capillary has different levers used in combination to achieve top-line loyalty maturity for your brand, driven by customer behavioral and transactional divergence. Companies can unlock up to 20% top-line growth using this strategy. Study-based LDS benchmarks for seven different elements of loyalty programs.

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