Bring your consumers to the Easyverse

Increase Sales & Conversion with AI-Powered CRM Software, ecommerce & Rewards Program


Get profitable insights with AI-Powered Customer Analytics & Retail Analytics

Consumers expect brands to know them and their preferences. With Capillary Insights+ get deep understanding and insights into your consumer’s behaviour and preferences



Personalize customer engagement with Omnichannel Retail Marketing Solutions

Consumers want marketing to be relevant to them. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by personally connecting with each consumer, building relationships at every interaction with Engage+


Anywhere Commerce+

Offer a connected experience with enterprise-ready Omnichannel eCommerce solutions

Consumers are looking for seamless & connected experiences across touchpoints. Make every consumer interaction memorable by making it easy for your consumers to buy from you anywhere, anytime with Anywhere Commerce+


Smart Store+

Increase conversion with enhanced store experiences

Capillary Smart Store+ let's you personalise in store experiences and maximize conversions by empowering you with critical insights around visitor demographics, in store behaviour of customers and staff performance.



Increase repeat sales with a personalized, omnichannel Loyalty Program Software

Grow your brand following. Ensure your existing consumers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behaviour with Loyalty+