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Capillary CPG Industries

A CPG-focused channel engagement & incentivization solution to secure D2C relationships, retailers, distributors and channels.
A loyalty solution to improve repeat sales and build strong relationships with distributing partners and customers.
The building blocks of channel & consumer engagement
Digital and enhanced engagement methods for an evolved and new world
Data capture, integrated engagement

Enables brands to capture secondary & tertiary data, drive valuable business insights, set sales targets, and drive personalized channel engagement across traditional, new, and emerging channels.

AI & ML based predictive recommendations and nudges

Leverage the power of AI & ML to automate product recommendations and influence ordering/purchase behaviour across the value chain while building lasting relationships. NUDGE channels to order across categories while influencing consumers to purchase relevant categories.

Incentivization of consumption behaviour

Enables brands to Identify and influence consumption patterns through targeted and personalized incentives – spanning schemes, cashback, incentives, SPIFFS, trade promotions, and curated rewards

Engagement of Channels and consumers through commerce

Optimize overheads and sell directly to channels and consumers through commerce platforms, with integrated order management, delivery and payment solutions.

Why CPG Industries?
“A definitive approach to increase direct-to-consumer and digital channel engagement, that enhances brand affinity.”
  • The CPG suite of solutions is an instantaneous response to address key pain points that CPG manufacturers/brands experience throughout their brand-building process. Post product launch and marketing, the most significant pain point faced by CPG brands is the lack of clarity around market penetration, reach and consumer reception of the product.
  • Consumers & Channels interact directly with retailers and distributors and not with the CPG brands. Our suite of solutions aims to address key issues that are pressing and require immediate answers.
Solutions CPG
Track & increase lifetime value of consumers across the different brands
CPG solutions tackle the challenges faced by CPG brands today.
Capillary CPG Suite of Solutions
Bridging the gaps. Connecting with the channels and consumers through out the lifecycle.
Brands that work on CPG Solutions
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