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Capillary Masterclass


Welcome to the first-ever Loyalty Masterclass with industry experts, veterans from Capillary’s clients, and our inhouse experts.

These theme-based Masterclasses are power packed with insights from the industry to help up your Loyalty and Consumer Engagement strategy.

Loyalty Masterclass Introduction- Loyalty Marketing Insights from the Best!

Loyalty and Customer Engagement is a critical part of any marketing program. At Capillary, we've worked with 250+ brands to build some of the most successful campaigns. In this Loyalty Masterclass, Jim Sturm, SVP at Capillary Technologies interviews Frank Hamlin, Board Member at Tuesday Morning and Sumit Kumar, Former Global Head of Marketing at Al-Futtaim

Loyalty Masterclass Part 1- History of Loyalty Programs

In this first part of the Masterclass, we go through the introductions and delve into the history of loyalty programs.

Loyalty Masterclass Part 2- Evolution of Loyalty Programs

After exploring the history of Loyalty Programs, this Masterclass takes viewers through the evolution journey of Loyalty programs and how technology has played a role in it.

Loyalty Masterclass Part 3- Biggest mistakes brands make

Learn from mistakes some of the brands have made in the past so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Dive into probably the juiciest part of the Masterclass.

Loyalty Masterclass Part 4 - How can brands get a competitive edge with loyalty programs

Sumit Kumar and Frank Hamlin take us through their experiences and suggest how brands can get a competitive edge.

Loyalty Masterclass Part 5- Innovation in loyalty programs

There’s a lot of innovation that has happened over the years in the space of loyalty and consumer engagement. This Masterclass moderated by Loyalty veteran Jim Sturm sheds light on these innovations.

Loyalty Masterclass Part 6 - Role of Data, Security, and Insights in a loyalty program

And finally, data and privacy are critical for any marketing program. Watch this video to learn how you can build secured campaigns and programs.

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