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Capillary Engage+

Capillary Engage+

Connected Engagement
Connected Customers
Connected Experience

Powered by Actionable AI

Capillary Engage+ is an AI-powered consumer engagement platform that empowers brands to connect with end-consumers in real-time and build meaningful, long-lasting experiences. It improves conversion by providing end-to-end personalized campaign automation solutions.

Connected Consumers

Enhances results with hyper-personalization and deep customer insights to foster positive customer engagement to stay connected while increasing repeat sales.

Connected Experience

Leverage cross-channel engagement through a unified platform. Enhance the customer experience throughout the purchase journey with Capillary's artificial intelligence framework- aiRA.

Connected Engagement

Foster positive customer engagement with immersive consumer journeys that guarantees your strategic approach to engagement.


Why Engage+ Platform?


Capillary Engage+ is an
AI-powered engagement platform
that ensures your marketing
creates the perfect brand engagement

It enables end-to-end personalized campaign automation using an advanced algorithm to select the best channel mix and eventually maximize ROI from the brand’s marketing campaign efforts at an optimized budget. The innovative data-driven methodology helps enterprise brands build immersive consumer journeys and deliver delight through hyper-personalization.


Hyper-personalization through optimized channel management

Hyper-personalization is the next level of personalized content, campaign, and engagement. Hyper-personalization targets customers not with a few modified targeted messaging but with a more comprehensive delivery where content gets dynamically targeted.

With multiple touch points across devices and across physical locations, personalization at each point of interaction becomes crucial and this is where Capillary comes in. It gives the ability to engage with consumers one-on-one across channels that deliver a seamless experience and helps brands win consumer loyalty.

Our AI & ML powered platform gives you the power to aggregate all content in a single place on the cloud and deliver adaptive communication in real-time. Stay ahead of consumer expectations through hyper-personalization.

Capillary Engage+
Cross Channel, Brand-compliant Engagement Capabilities

The ability to ensure a pool of engaging digital content and manage brand-relevant content across email, SMS, mobile, push, web push, and social personalized to specific customer personas. The platform also ensures a unified voice across touchpoints and channels delivered seamlessly.

Cross channel, brand- compliant engagement capabilities
Optimize ROIs, Upgrade Marketing And Campaign Efficiency

With the delivery sorted, it gives way to consistent and improved engagement for increased ROI. Companies can analyze real-time data to improve engagement across their channels, products, offers, and efficiency while targeting their customers.

Capillary Engage+
Real-time Rewards And
Rule-based Engagement

Keeping rewards relevant and engaging is an all-time strategic issue that all companies face. With real-time analysis of your customer needs and engagement, you can now delight customers in real-time both in-store, online and experience-based rewards.


Adaptive consumer journeys for increased efficiency of engagement

Perfect consumer journeys are not a one-time delivery but an adaptive synchronized journey. This customer journey lets you deliver authentic engagement and accurate messaging at the correct time and place.


Engage+ Consumer Journeys are power-packed to deliver to your unique industry and requirements. Online activity is at an all-time high, and consumers seek highly personalized experiences. To deliver this, a brand needs to update consumer profiles in real-time and communicate accordingly.

Capillary’s adaptive consumer journeys are formulated by aggregating a user’s touchpoints with the brand, whether online or in-store, and processing them on AI & ML models. Depending on a brand’s business goals, the platform enables you to deliver the right message at the right time and on the right channel. This immersive consumer journey helps win the end consumer’s hearts and build brand loyalty.


Engage+ Highlights

The Capillary Engage+ platform improves efficiency and delivers increased productivity. Create, monitor and manage customized content, campaigns and engage accurately to get results faster.

Multi-level capabilities
Truly connected engagement

Modern marketing intelligence

Not just targeting right, but using AI to keep it relevant to your customers. Thereby increasing interest in personalized content and engage with them through channels that the consumer engages. This Intelligent segmentation reduces customer churn and improves engagement levels.

Effective Mobile marketing platform

A key aspect of mobile marketing is creating campaigns to deliver content across mobile push and rich push messages. The platform leverages AI to enable tailor-made exchange with the customers following the customer’s preferences.

Improved progressive customer journeys

Customer journeys toy are the basis of almost ll promotions in digital sales acceleration. Capillary Engage+ improves product promotions, store promotions, conversions and prevents churn. The platform also enables enhanced marketing support with AI-enabled offer choice selection, choice of channel, and such which improves overall efficiency for a marketer.

Progressive and accurate Customer Lifetime Value drivers

Enables improved Customer Lifetime Value results, uses AI to sift through data, highlights and identifies promotional fatigue, and recommends messaging for better targeting and efficient conversions.

Effortless Targeting and

Prebuilt audience manager 

Leverage data from multiple sources to define customer segments to improve engagement through the audience manager. The audience manager intelligently segments your customer base, predicts patterns, and identifies and target consumers based on their shopping preferences and behaviour using various prebuilt filters. Marketers can use this to prepare cross-channel audience lists for upselling or cross-selling instantly.

Omnichannel engaged customer journeys 

Engage+ Platform has the option to Personalize Customer Lifecycle engagement by creating focused, multiple, omnichannel journeys. This helps with multi-customer segmentation across engagement and interaction with the consumer based on their response patterns and interaction behaviour.

Incentive Manager

Instant Gratification (DVS)

The dynamic voucher system enables a marketer to send personalised vouchers to out customers in-real time. These vouchers could be shared via SMS/WhatsApp notifications or printed coupon along with the bill receipt. It increases conversion rate, contributes to the topline of the brand, optimizes marketing costs, aids in efficient management by pushing slow moving products thereby assuring instant customer gratification and repeat visits.

Cart and Catalog Promotions

A masterstroke in today’s promotional mix. It empowers brands to bridge online and in-store promotions by auto-applying offers on the same transaction. It helps to increase wallet share by 90% by capitalizing on other campaigns and also contributes 3-5% to the topline of the brand. It also tracks real time performance of different offers.

Offer Management

This is a great tool for a brand to surprise customers or re-start an engagement with inactive customers. It helps deliver unique rewards through vouchers, coupons, points, loyalty currencies, and gamification.

The content creator and
creative management system 

A content management ecosystem

The creative project management system is a unified platform for creating content for web, mobile, social, conventional and emerging channels. The platform develops, manages, and provides ongoing support for content and experiences across traditional and non-traditional methods. The platform uses a creative management system that allows for adaptation and delivery channel-specific. 


Engage+ Benefits

Capillary Engage+
Faster and Better Decision-Making

Get all the right directions to improve your customer engagement at half the time. The platform delivers directions, insights that get you working faster.

Capillary Engage+
Increased and Better Efficiency

Creating, monitoring and managing customized content, campaigns, and engaging accurately helps create the right interactions with your customers that increase the activity’s overall productivity

Capillary Engage+
Clear Data Creating Effectiveness

The platform helps with valuable insights and uncovers customer interests, actions, activities. This help create the relevant deals, suggestions or even offers that will aid in adding value at the right time to the customer, making it overall effective and aid in lasting brand impressions.

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