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Post Pandemic Indian Retail Trends & Insights


Stronger deviation to online shopping, faster adoption of digital payment methods, resurgence of homegrown kiranas and building phygital experiences – these are some of the welcoming trends that arose from COVID-19 pandemic for the Indian retail industry.

As we write, India might expect another COVID-19 wave. In an environment that breeds uncertainty, arriving at a consensus is a hard bait to catch. Questions lurking around ‘what could be the new retail normal’ has engulfed the Indian retail market. While the industry and consumer behavior continues to evolve at a faster pace, brands need to strategize wisely to outmaneuver this uncertainty. In this exclusive report, we present trends, insights and expert suggestions to equip the Indian retailers sail through the uncharted future.

To understand the retail anatomy of the core categories in Indian retail, we have broadly structured this report into:

  • Fashion
  • Food & Grocery
  • Luxury


Our Approach






Enterprise brands

BCG undertook a comprehensive SHoP maturity assessment survey to highlight the key opportunities and gaps across the different customer engagement dimensions which can help unlock 25-30% topline impact.

Key Takeaways

Trend Analysis

How retailers battled the rollercoaster effect of the Indian retail industry post first and second COVID-19 wave

Expert Insights

Get post-pandemic business insights in core retail categories like Fashion, Food & Grocery and Luxury


How the great Indian festive period became the saving grace during Q4 in 2020


The digital transformation of the Indian retailer post COVID-19 in 2021

Faster Deliveries6

An intelligent order management system can foresee bottlenecks in delivery according to real-time conditions, and reroute the delivery onto the fastest route. Additionally, an OMS offers flexibility with delivery. Based on the clients requirements, the order can intelligently be split into multiple shipments based on costs or delivery location. In comparison to a traditional delivery system, using an OMS automatically provides the inventory personnel detailed information on the delivery at hand, leaves less room for human error, saves time and streamlines the entire process.

The Right Customer Loyalty Program For You

Crafting a loyalty program that works for your brand can be tricky, but it is crucial. An effective loyalty program creates an emotional attachment to your brand, and makes customers feel valued. It will increase engagement, and help you understand who your most valuable customers are; but the first and most important step for increasing customer loyalty is to measure your current standing.

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