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5 Conglomerate Loyalty Programs Redefining Customer Engagement

From Kanmo to Reliance, here are five top conglomerates that are innovating customer engagement with their loyalty programs.


Anjali Pillai

4 Min Read

April 08, 2024

Conglomerate loyalty programs or multi-brand loyalty programs as they are generally called are changing the way enterprises interact with their customers. These programs offer a unified platform that spans multiple brands within a conglomerate, providing customers with a seamless and integrated experience across various product lines and services.


One of the key benefits of conglomerate loyalty programs is the ability to offer customers a wider range of rewards and benefits. By consolidating loyalty efforts across multiple brands, conglomerates can pool resources to provide more enticing incentives, such as exclusive discounts, personalized offers, and access to premium services.


To better understand multi-brand loyalty programs, here are five exemplary conglomerate loyalty programs setting new standards for customer engagement and experience.


1. Kanmo Circle by Kanmo

Kanmo Loyalty Program

Since its inception in 2005, Kanmo Group has risen to prominence as a retail juggernaut in Indonesia, captivating the market with its diverse array of lifestyle and fashion brands. With a rich portfolio spanning fashion, sports, and children’s segments, Kanmo has established itself as a go-to destination for trend-savvy Indonesian shoppers.


A Look into Kanmo Group’s Loyalty Program


Kanmo’s loyalty solution, Kanmo Circle, is a customer-centric, tiered loyalty program designed to reward and retain customers and loyalty members.

At the core of their customer-centric strategy lies the ingenious Kanmo Circle, a tiered loyalty program designed to reward and retain patrons. Boasting four distinct tiers, each with its enticing benefits, Kanmo Circle offers everything from enticing cashback rewards to exclusive birthday discounts and even the luxury of personal shopping assistance.


Kanmo Group uses its website as a seamless gateway for both new and existing customers, providing a hassle-free experience for signing up and tracking loyalty status in real time.


With a holistic view of their customers and armed with a wealth of data, Kanmo could create targeted campaigns, run personalized offers, and connect emotionally with their customers. 


2. Blue Rewards by Al-Futtaim Group

Blue Rewards by Al-Futtaim

Al-Futtaim Group is a global conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with operations spanning across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Established in the 1930s, Al-Futtaim Group has grown significantly and is involved in various sectors including automotive, retail, real estate, finance, engineering, and technology.


A Look into Blue Rewards Loyalty Program


Blue Rewards is an innovative app-based loyalty program that stands out for its simplicity and convenience. Al-Futtaim’s loyalty program combines its diverse range of fashion, sports, lifestyle, and home decor brands under a single digital roof to offer a seamless customer experience (CX) from start to finish. The Al-Futtaim Group’s embracement of new technology has played a pivotal role in the program’s success, including integrating AI-powered hyper-personalization. Blue Rewards has also improved the CX by strategically incorporating gamification elements during key seasons, boosting customer engagement and adding an element of excitement to the loyalty journey.


To streamline the customer journey, Blue Rewards also offers co-branded credit cards and an in-app wallet, allowing customers to make payments effortlessly while enjoying instant cashback rewards. These features simplify the transaction process and incentivize continued patronage, reinforcing the bond between Kanmo and its valued customers.


3. Tata Neu by Tata Group

Tata Neu

The Tata Group is India’s largest conglomerate, renowned for its diverse range of products and services that touch the lives of millions of people worldwide. Founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868, the group’s legacy is deeply rooted in the ethos of trust, integrity, and commitment to societal welfare, holding a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians. 

A Look into the Tata Neu Loyalty Program

Tata Neu crafted a game-changing app that has revolutionized the customer experience. The Tata Group’s loyalty platform seamlessly integrates countless offerings, spanning from every day groceries to high-end fashion, travel services, and even pharmaceuticals, all curated from various Tata brands.


The Tata Group designed Tata Neu to prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction. By consolidating a wide array of products and services onto a single platform, Tata ensures that customers can fulfill their diverse needs with ease, whether they’re shopping for essentials or luxury.


The Tata Neu program focuses heavily on points and rewards. Through carefully crafted purchase rules, customers earn ‘Neu Coins,’ equivalent to 5% of their purchase order, deposited directly into their wallet. The automatic redemption of Neu Coins during subsequent purchases adds a layer of seamless convenience, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Free delivery becomes the cherry on top for customer convenience. 


Through its omnichannel approach, Tata Neu rewards loyalty and aims to drive footfall in physical stores. Tata encourages customers to explore its brick-and-mortar outlets by integrating online and offline channels, fostering a holistic shopping experience that transcends digital boundaries.


4. The 1 by Central Group

The 1 by Central Group

Central Group, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is one of Southeast Asia’s largest and most influential conglomerates. With a mission to enhance the quality of life for customers and communities, Central Group has continually pushed boundaries and set industry standards.


A Look into The 1 (Loyalty Program)


At the heart of Central Group’s customer-centric initiatives lies their loyalty program: The 1. A testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, Central Group created The 1 to provide unparalleled benefits and rewards to its members. The 1 program includes features tailored to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of its customers. Through a dedicated mobile app for The 1, Central Group offers a variety of rewards, ranging from gift vouchers to special event invitations and personalized recommendations. Beyond rewarding individual members, The 1 program also supports community initiatives and charitable causes, allowing members to contribute to positive social impact by participating in the loyalty program.


5. Reliance One by Reliance

Reliance One

Reliance Industries Limited (commonly known as Reliance) stands as one of India’s most influential conglomerates, with a significant impact both domestically and globally. Established by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966, Reliance has grown into a diversified powerhouse with interests in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, retail, telecommunications, and digital services. 


A Look into the Reliance One Loyalty Program


The Reliance One loyalty program epitomizes Reliance’s dedication to enhancing the customer experience. Loyalty members enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts, personalized alerts, points accumulation, and redemption opportunities. 


Reliance has a dedicated website for Reliance One, where customers can sign up for the program and receive the Reliance One card. The website also allows members to know their point balances and receive exclusive and customized offers.


From Reliance Fresh and Reliance Trends to Reliance Digital, the Reliance One card can be used across all of partner brands located in 1200+ stores in India. Members earn points and cashback for their purchases, which can be redeemed in the future. The points earned through the Reliance One card never expire, ensuring lasting benefits for members. 


Create a World-Class Conglomerate Loyalty Program


Capillary has partnered with several big conglomerates to fuel their loyalty programs and drive business growth. Our AI-powered product suite is setting new standards for multi-brand loyalty programs and revolutionizing the way brands interact with their customers. Interested to know more about us? Get in touch with our experts now!


People also ask   


1.Which conglomerate loyalty programs are most effective in increasing customer engagement? 

Effective conglomerate loyalty programs include those by major brands such as Amazon Prime, Starbucks Rewards, and Sephora Beauty Insider, which offer personalized rewards and exclusive benefits to enhance customer engagement.


2.How can businesses in Europe implement successful loyalty programs? 

European businesses can implement successful loyalty programs by analyzing customer data to offer personalized rewards, integrating omnichannel strategies, and regularly updating the program to keep it relevant and attractive.


3.What are the key benefits of loyalty programs for businesses in the USA?

 The key benefits of loyalty programs for businesses in the USA include increased customer retention, higher spending per customer, valuable data insights, and enhanced brand loyalty, leading to sustained business growth.


4.How do loyalty programs impact customer engagement in the fashion industry?

 Loyalty programs impact customer engagement in the fashion industry by providing exclusive discounts, early access to new collections, and personalized styling recommendations, encouraging repeat purchases and brand loyalty.


5.What strategies do conglomerates use to enhance their loyalty programs in the UK? 

Conglomerates in the UK enhance their loyalty programs by using data analytics to personalize rewards, collaborating with other brands for cross-promotions, and incorporating digital platforms for easy access and engagement.


Anjali R Pillai
Anjali Pillai

With a knack for creating engaging content and crafting effective social media campaigns, Anjali wants to make it her mission to leverage the power of content as a strategic marketing tool for businesses. While she is not working, she is either binging movies or writing about them on her blog.

Aauthor Name

Anjali Pillai

With a knack for creating engaging content and crafting effective social media campaigns, Anjali wants to make it her mission to leverage the power of content as a strategic marketing tool for businesses. While she is not working, she is either binging movies or writing about them on her blog.

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