Capillary Ramps up Emotional Intelligence by Partnering With Yawye

Capillary can now deliver real-time emotional sentiment to clients at every touchpoint of the customer journey. 


Joe Doran

4 Min Read

September 15, 2023

There are a lot of buzzwords and trendy taglines that get thrown around in the loyalty industry. Many firms like to claim they have emotional loyalty capabilities baked into their offerings and really, it’s just NPS. And NPS is fine, but definitely not new and purely a one-dimensional view of a customer’s perception of the brand. We know that emotional loyalty can be more complicated than that, but no one truly has a seamless way of providing the full picture. Capillary is changing that with our partnership with Yawye in integrating a profoundly powerful new technology that can measure the nuances and context of customer emotion. And yes, this includes emojis. 


Forrester defines emotional loyalty as ‘the meaningful connection between consumers and their chosen brands. It is integral to how individuals make decisions in choosing one brand or

product over another.’ This is extremely true and important, especially in our industry, when emotions are powerful drivers of human behavior and purchase decisions. At Capillary, our platform is a catalyst for meaningful human connections that drives impactful results for our clients. To that end, we are always seeking innovative partners that can push the needle even further. 


Enter Yawye. We’re proud to share that we have partnered with Yawye, adding to our arsenal of emotional loyalty offerings to provide our clients with real-time, emotional, sentiment at any touchpoint of the customer’s journey. Yawye is a startup software company that measures and quantifies emotions using emojis, reporting results in 60 seconds on secure dashboards.


Yawye’s solution, patented and dubbed ELI (Emotional Loyalty Intelligence,) captures voluntary, authentic consumer emotions at scale, applying vast, contextually accurate datasets to build trust, profits, and brand loyalty. ELI deploys the digital language of Emoji at all consumer touchpoints in mobile and web loyalty applications capturing contextually accurate in-the-moment consumer emotions. They then score, track and classify those emotions on an individual basis for smarter next-best offers and hyper-personal communications. ELI is integrated into the Capillary platform, where this real-time data dashboard is consumed and informs our Engage+ to trigger real time, emotionally contextualized, messages.


Danny Scolof, Co-Founder of Yawye, says:

“Emotions are more actionable than sentiments. They provide the building blocks for optimizing trust and empathy among consumers. They give you a richer, more dimensional picture of how consumers are truly feeling about your brand and communications. Sentiments represent low-hanging fruit. Knowing whether your brand community is experiencing calm, happiness, or excitement when engaging with you versus a mere positive sentiment enables insights with far greater depth and clarity to inform action. Problem is, most CMOs and brand managers don’t know the Emotional North Star bonding their most loyal customers to their brand. Why? Because emotions are notoriously difficult to measure authentically. If you don’t know how people really feel about your brand, how can you strengthen the emotional bonds that generate loyalty, engagement, and buy-in?”


Coupled with our BLQ offering (the Brierley Loyalty Quotient), Capillary has you covered by truly offering the end-to-end gamut of emotional loyalty sentiment and measurement. BLQ analyzes the emotional loyalty of your customers in your current program through quick surveys, and we combine those results with your customer data and our proprietary scoring algorithm to suggest strategies to increase emotional scoring that ultimately enhances your program. We distill your BLQ results into a suite of interactive dashboards, providing unique insights and actionable prescriptions. We also generate detailed loyalty comparisons, locating your results in the context of your competitive set. 


Stay tuned for an upcoming episode of my podcast, Loyalty Out Loud, where Danny joins me alongside Don Smith, Chief Consulting Officer and CMO (US & EU), as we discuss the necessity of emotional loyalty intelligence. 


Connect with Capillary today to gauge your brand’s emotional loyalty intelligence at every touchpoint of the customer journey. 

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Joe Doran

Joe Doran is the Senior Vice President at Capillary, North America. He's a loyalty ambassador, digital strategist and an expert at creating 1 to 1 customer programs.

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