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Winning Loyalty Strategies Series: Tackling A Challenging and Competitive Market

To help navigate these rapid changes, we have identified four potential futures or “paths” along which marketers will travel over the next few years.


Laura Hewitt

4 Min Read

August 15, 2023

In Engagement Marketing, brands face both obstacles and opportunities.


Over the next few years, the recent procession of “black swan” events will continue transforming marketing. New retargeting technologies will replace the third-party cookie. Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse will continue to gain wider utility. Regulators and privacy advocates will demand more transparency in data usage. The change will continue at a pace even the most sophisticated marketers will struggle to maintain.


To help navigate these rapid changes, we have identified four potential futures or “paths” along which marketers will travel over the next few years. These four paths align along a pair of continuums:


Marketing Continuum


A marketing continuum ranges from intrusive marketing (in which the marketer engages only in short-term promotions with no interest in or ability to build long-term customer relationships) to reciprocal marketing (in which marketers deliver recognition and rewards to customers who respond with increased engagement and brand loyalty).


Data Continuum


A data continuum ranges from low data control (in which the marketer is forced into short-term or scattershot marketing efforts due to a lack of customer-centric data) to high data control (in which the marketer has effectively collected and actioned customer-centric data).


The intersection of these two continuums creates four potential marketing paths that marketers must successfully navigate. Whether by strategic choice or through capability limitations, the marketing efforts of every consumer brand will follow one of these four paths.

While each path may be a valid choice for any particular brand, we believe intelligence-based offers are the most reliably effective and affordable path for marketers.


In the series of four upcoming articles, we’ll discuss the strategies/marketing trends that will present both obstacles and opportunities for marketers who choose to follow this path.


  • Earned data
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Immediate value
  • Fluid loyalty


In these articles, we’ll dive into the back story and share best practices to combat the challenging and competitive landscape that puts engagement marketing front and center.

Aauthor Name

Laura Hewitt

Laura is a global marketer with 30+ years of experience across virtually every channel/component of driving demand, customer loyalty, and engagement. She is currently Vice President, Marketing for Capillary Technologies. Previously she held similar roles at Tenerity, Kobie, and Aimia. Prior to that she worked in advertising for consumer brands after graduating from Southern Methodist University.

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