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Consumers expect brands to know them and their preferences. Capillary Insights+ offers you deeper understanding and critical insights into your consumer’s behaviour and preferences

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Consumer Data Platform

With so many interaction channels today, it’s difficult to know where your consumer has been and how they engage with your brand. Gather consumer data from all touchpoints and get a 360° single view of consumers with a Consumer Data Platform


A unified data platform

Capture data across channels, cleanse and dedupe consumer records, and enrich consumer records based on each and every activity

Get a 360° single view of your customers

Get a 360° single view of each consumer along with transactional and behavioural activity across channels

Enable segmentation and personalisation

Increase conversions with personalised messaging and experiences powered by demographical and behavioural customer segmentation through CDP data

Power customer activation and engagement

Target consumers with personalised messaging across channels, enable effective promotions and loyalty programs based on CDP data

Get real-time business insights

Take quick decisions with access to all consumer transactional and behavioural data and real-time reporting of standard business KPIs

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Essential Insights

Essential Insights gives you all the tools you need to make sense of the data at hand. Drill down to any level of data, create your own analytics dashboards and enable all teams in your organisation to benefit from your business data


Analytics is now easy

With the automated dashboard, the reports and insights you need are at your fingertips

Know your consumers

Consumer segmentation let’s you know who your best customer is, and who needs a push

Measure your marketing

Optimise your marketing campaigns through insights gained from timely performance reports

Insights on the go

Make use of analytical insights no matter where you are with the mobile dashboard

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Customer Behavior & Preference Insights

Understanding your consumer journeys, their behaviour and preferences can enable data driven marketing, and personalised experiences


Understand consumer behaviour

Customer profiling and segmentation helps you get detailed insights into your consumers and learn what drives them

Let data drive your marketing

Our data-driven campaign recommendations help you get the desired RoI for your marketing efforts

Insights that are just for you

Gain access to bespoke analytical insights that let you unlock opportunities for growth

Automated & Predictive Business Insights

Ensure your business remains future proof. Guide your strategy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered actionable business insights. Go beyond just consumers to correlate with other cross functional business data


Back decisions with data

Unleash greater efficiency and growth with strategic, actionable insights into your business

AI unfolds the future

With our Artificial Intelligence powered predictive models that are tailored for your business, you will always stay several steps ahead


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  • contact_support What is customer analytics? expand_more

    Customer analytics is using data to understand the needs and satisfaction of the customer. It is essentially a technology framework that is used to segment customers based on browsing/buying behaviour, understand overall market trends and develop personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

  • contact_support What is the importance of customer analytics for businesses? expand_more

    Customer analytics helps businesses make better and informed decisions by connecting various data points and sets to identify trends, patterns, anomalies and opportunities.

  • contact_support What are the use cases for customer analytics? expand_more

    1. Customer Experience
    Amazon uses its massive trove of customer data to personalize your product recommendations and help you find what you need much more conveniently,

    2. Customer Retention
    Netflix is known for using customer analytics to understand viewer's preferences and offers suggestions for their next watch based on these patterns.

    3. Fraud Prevention
    Citibank uses insights from customer data to quickly zero in on anomalies and prevent fraudulent transactions.

  • contact_support What are the top customer analytics metrics? expand_more

    While the ideal customer analytics metrics depends on specific business goals, here are the 10 basic ones all organizations should have a view on :

    Customer Revenue: For most businesses, 80% of revenue will be generated by a small customer segment. It is vital to track how much revenue is generated by each customer and also identify your highest topline generating set of customers.

    Customer Satisfaction Levels: Revenues will start sliding if customer satisfaction levels drop. Therefore, it's important to constantly track your customer satisfaction levels early and often across diverse customer sets like existing customers, former customers and 3rd party reports.

    Brand Reach: Brand awareness is typically measured using unaided or aided recall. This metric is especially relevant in a commoditized and highly competitive market landscape.

    Customer Lifetime Value: This metric will essentially give you an estimate of the total revenue generated by a customer over a certain period. Most businesses have high customer acquisition costs and therefore it's vital to understand the total potential revenue generated by each customer over a period of time.

    Customer Loyalty: Loyal customers tend to come back, repurchase and/or recommend a product to friends or colleagues. They are a critical element of a brand's long term survival. A good way to measure customer loyalty is through Net Promoter Score & Customer Loyalty Index. You can also check out our guide on Top 6 Customer Loyalty Metrics.

    Churn Rate: If customers are not repurchasing a product or service, or abandon it within a short period, it will have a long term negative effect on revenue and profitability.

    Customer Profitability: Certain customer segments will be more profitable than the rest. This can be due to several factors like lower price sensitivity, lower acquisition costs or minimal use of customer support. It's important for brands to identify these premium set of customers and offer them higher incentives and perks to improve repeat sales.

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Malabar Gold & Diamonds

"At Malabar Gold & Diamonds, we believe, data is an important part of our business. With Capillary Insights+, we've been able to unlock actionable insights into our consumers and business that allows us to make informed strategic decisions to provide a better customer experience and more value to our business.”

Mr Shamlal Ahamed
Managing Director – International Operations