Reward and retain your best consumers


Value your consumers and gain loyalty

Grow your brand following. Ensure your existing consumers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behaviour with Loyalty+

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Loyalty Manager

Build and manage your loyalty programs easily with a mobile first, automated solution that lets you identify and reward different segments of your consumers in real-time. Increase ease of use with loyalty apps and microsites


Real-time rule based rewards

Ease redemption and automate expiry, upgrade, downgrade by creating customised, tier based programs with the powerful Loyalty Engine

Build loyalty your own way

Whether you’re building a points, vouchers, or rewards based loyalty program, we’ve got you covered

Grow your following

Word of mouth isn’t just a concept. Enable enticing referral programs and attract many more loyal members

Keep a health check

Always be sure of the financial health of your rewards program. Optimise program performance with timely reports and insights on KPIs such as earn & burn ratios, registrations etc.

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Omnichannel Loyalty

Your consumers should feel appreciated no matter where they interact with you. Integrate all consumer channels and elevate experience across touch points


Earn & burn anywhere

Online or offline, allow your consumers to earn and redeem rewards instantly, whenever and wherever they transact with your brand

Experience led evangelism

Go beyond points and vouchers to provide experiential rewards to your esteemed consumers

Make loyalty mobile

Build dedicated mobile apps for your loyalty programs and provide your best consumers with a sophisticated experience

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Advanced Loyalty

Expand the scope of your program and make the rewards more enticing for your loyal customers. Integrate your loyalty program across multiple brands, create event based rewards to induce loyalty at the right time and ease points reconciliations across stores


Trigger loyalty

Create event based triggers that reward consumers at the right time in the purchase cycle and increase program redemption rates

Unify loyalty across brands

Promote cross-shopping by bringing consumers of your sister or partner brands under a single umbrella with a unified or coalition, multi-brand loyalty program

Ease settlements and reconciliation

Allow consumers to earn and burn rewards across touch points but ensure your account books remain in sync across stores, franchisees and partners

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Single View of Customer

From a consumer’s purchases across channels, their browsing behavior, preferences and loyalty sales, understand everything about each of your consumers, all at one place


Make every experience memorable

Facilitate rich consumer experiences with a holistic view of all consumer activity across channels

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Customer Satisfaction Track

Listen what your consumers say across channels, and act on these insights to improve NPS at every touch point


Ensure consumer happiness

Cloudcherry C-SAT and NPS solutions allow you to run surveys, analyze results, and take action to increase customer satisfaction

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It’s more efficient to retain your best consumers than acquire new ones. Learn how to do it effectively


Mitra10, Indonesia

"Mitra10 aims at maximising engagement for better loyalty performance. With Capillary as our partner, we are excited to move ahead in this direction and check all boxes of a strong personalised CRM programme. Loyalty+ gives us the flexibility to decide what we want to reward each of our customers with and when. The level of customization possible here was exactly what we wanted from our CRM program.”

I Gusti A A I Putriari
General Manager of CRM