In the previous post of our Think Again Series we covered the importance of organizational alignment in CRM strategy. Here we’ll be covering why it’s important to really know your customer.

As a business leader, you know the value of your customer. They form the main building block on which the success of your entire business is based. Over the past few decades, getting more information from these customers has become easy. You have multiple channels where your customers leave behind all kinds of data. But are you viewing this data in a consolidated fashion? Can you identify if the customer clicking on your Facebook Ad is the same or different from the customer who purchased from you yesterday?

This kind of understanding and clarity is what can set your brand sky rocketing, and we have identified 3 key attributes to assess how well you know your customers’ behaviors.

Identifying Customer Base

Like I mentioned, you have a hoard of data flowing in from every channel. But how efficiently can you identify who these data points belong to?

Many brands only limit themselves to capturing customer data from the store or the ecommerce site, and keeping them separate. Few brands actually have a mechanism to understand which customer visited me in-store and also came to me online – a cross channel customer tagging. And you want to be among those brand who do that.

Having a unique identifier for your customers, like mobile number or email address, across channels will help you make better sense of how your customer is interacting with you. This is extremely crucial in today’s omnichannel world where easily more than half of your customers would be interacting with your brand at more than one channel.

Single View of Customer

Customer data at businesses like yours do not and should not stop at just transaction data. This second attribute talks about how you need to ensure you are pooling in all kinds of data that help you build the personality of your customer. You should be able to answer questions like:

  • When does my customer visit me?
  • Has she responded to the SMS/Email promo I sent her the last time?
  • Which channel does she prefer to be contacted on?

And other such queries that really digs deep into explaining to you who your customer is.

A compete 360°, comprehensive view of your customer is what every brand needs to have. Achieving this will take you miles ahead of your competition.

Enriching Customer Data

Capturing your customer’s data is just step one. Following this, you need to ensure you are constantly enriching your understanding of the customer. You need to ensure you are growing with your customers in terms of their needs, their preference etc.

Incentivizing your customer to update their profile is a good start. However, today your customer is constantly interacting with your data on social media among other channel. Are you capturing this behavior as well? Are you able to tell how responsive your customer has become to Facebook ads today as opposed to SMSs a few months back?

Achieving this level of customer data enrichment will ensure your understanding of your base is up to date. This in turn will ensure every penny spent on your Customer Analytics program is giving you the right returns.

So that’s a snippet on getting up close and personal with your customers derived from Capillary’s 5D Framework. Hop on to the next post in our Think Again Series, “Have the best in class Analytics platform? Think Again”, to map where you stand on the analytics meter.

Azmeen Ansar
Marketing Manager, SEA at Capillary Technologies, Azmeen handles lead generation, content marketing and PR for the entire SEA region. She has also had extensive experience in helping brands such as Tunglok Group, Pizza Hut and KFC get consumer ready by implementing tech forward consumer experience and consumer relationship initiatives.