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Capillary Technologies Grows 4x in the USA; Set to Dominate the Loyalty Technology Market with its SaaS offering


Capillary Marcomm

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November 20, 2023

  • 100% YoY organic growth in the USA; outside of the acquisitions
  • Disrupting the agency-led loyalty market with its SaaS offering
  • 50-75% incremental tech investment towards AI every year


Capillary Technologies, a global loyalty technology solutions company announced a 4X growth in the last three years in the US market. The loyalty management market is worth more than $10 billion and has been primarily an agency-led model. With its cloud-based SaaS offering, Capillary is disrupting the market to help enterprise brands transition to RoI-driven loyalty programs that genuinely engage customers and win their loyalty. 


Apart from the successful acquisition of Persuade in 2021 and Brierley+Partners in 2023, Capillary has been organically growing 100% YoY in the USA. This growth has primarily been led by product which was validated when Forrester named Capillary a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report for Loyalty Technology Solutions, Q1 2023. The company is also investing heavily in AI with a commitment of 50-75% of the incremental tech investment every year towards artificial intelligence. 


The combination of SaaS, consulting, and downstream digital services is a massive differentiator for Capillary. Elaborating on the SaaS model, one of the key benefits it brings to the North American loyalty market is the modularity, cost-efficiency, and ease of use. For example, most of the agency-led programs are hard-coded and with little scope for flexibility. With Capillary’s SaaS platform, brands get the ability to run extremely flexible and agile loyalty programs with real time insights and reports to generate real RoI. 


Another advantage of the SaaS model is that brands get a world-class technology roadmap with features and functionalities that get shipped to them every quarter without any additional cost. Topping it up with Brierley’s consulting expertise and an end-to-end loyalty management platform, brands have the perfect mix. 


16 of the Fortune 200 companies use Capillary and with several mentions in analyst reports over the past year, enterprises across verticals are making the shift to SaaS-based loyalty tech. Some of the key benefits include:


  • Increased customer retention through Loyalty+
  • Personalized customer communication through Engage+
  • Extensive rewards network in the form of Rewards+
  • In-depth reporting and analytics through Insights+
  • All powered by a highly-secured CDP


“Customer expectations in the form of digitization have skyrocketed and brands must deliver an omnichannel experience to keep the customers engaged and win their loyalty. Brands have realized this and we’re seeing that in the form of an increased pipeline. Our funnel has grown 3.5x in the last 6 months in the USA and we are hiring aggressively to support this demand. We are super excited to enable brands to run RoI-driven loyalty programs which helps turn loyalty into a new business line altogether,” said Sameer Garde, CEO of Capillary Technologies


“Our remarkable growth in the USA, especially the 4x increase over the last three years, is a testament to our innovative approach in the loyalty technology sector. By integrating cutting-edge AI into our SaaS offerings, we’re not just offering a product but a transformative solution for brands. This growth signifies not only the success of our strategy but also the evolving needs of the market. We’re committed to leading the charge in revolutionizing loyalty programs, making them more adaptable, cost-effective, and impactful for businesses aiming to foster customer loyalty,” said Aneesh Reddy, Founder & MD at Capillary Technologies


About Capillary Technologies:


Founded in 2012, Capillary Technologies has a presence across the United States, India, the Middle East, and Asia, in particular, South East Asia. Capillary is an end-to-end customer loyalty platform that offers a comprehensive view of consumers, and unified, cross-channel strategies that deliver a real-time omnichannel, personalized, and consistent experience for customers. Powering 100+ loyalty programs, across 30+ countries, Capillary works with 250+ brands including the likes of Tata, PUMA, Shell, Al-Futtaim, Petron, Domino’s, Kanmo Group, and Marks & Spencer. With a massive reach of 1Bn+ consumers and processing 5Bn+ annual transactions, the company has the backing of Warburg Pincus, Sequoia Capital, Avataar Ventures, and Filter Capital. For more information, visit


Media Contact:
Jubin Mehta
Head of Corporate Communications

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Capillary Marcomm

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