Top Loyalty Programs in the Changing Malaysian Loyalty Landscape

Like the rest of the world, brands in Malaysia were swift to accept the importance of customer data and leverage insights to drive their loyalty programs. The pandemic virtually upended conventional loyalty programs and Malaysian brands had to resort to innovative...


Sunil Dhananjaya

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March 29, 2022

Like the rest of the world, brands in Malaysia were swift to accept the importance of customer data and leverage insights to drive their loyalty programs. The pandemic virtually upended conventional loyalty programs and Malaysian brands had to resort to innovative ways to retain customer loyalty. During the pandemic, Malaysians were drawn to discount heavy shopping offered by internet-based companies, which almost sidelined loyalty campaigns. However, post the pandemic, as discount offers tapered, loyalty programs again went on a rise indicating the affinity Malaysians have for loyalty engagements.


As Malaysia exercised resilience amidst adversities, the post-pandemic scenario in the region was synergisized with brands creating unique and personalized loyalty programs. In this blog, we will talk about 5 trend-setting loyalty programs in Malaysia and how these programs have adopted well with changing times to remain relevant and competitive.


5 Trend-setting loyalty programs in Malaysia


1. Grab Malaysia 


Grab proudly features itself as an ‘everyday everything app’ by Malaysians to provide value in varied verticals like food delivery and transport among others. Its loyalty program, GrabRewards’ prime feature is that they regard every  Grab wallet payment as an opportunity to earn points. GrabRewards has adapted well with the changing times and customer behavior by making its program relevant to all user categories through a seamless tier system. By deploying personalized communication of tier benefits, users are driven to upgrade to higher tiers to experience enhanced benefits.  While driving users to spend more, Grab was also mindful to ensure that its rewards and incentives are made accessible to its users through low entry points, which in turn, drives higher adoption. The brand was also quick to react to customer sentiments by offering extension of points validity with as low as 1 point earning to ensure customers kept all of their points active.


2. FoodPanda

FoodPanda is one of the largest food delivery platforms in Malaysia with extensive B2C offers. FoodPanda features Panda League, a popular loyalty program operating in the B2B space. Panda League is a unique rewards program that uses innovative and gamified methods to incentivize delivery agents for each order they fulfil. It enables delivery agents to redeem exclusive merchandise on a monthly basis. Such initiatives lift the spirit of delivery agents and motivates them to achieve more.




Panda League segregates the delivery partners into five tiers, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with varied privileges. The icing on the cake of the Panda League rewards program is that at the end of each quarter, the points would be collated and the outstanding delivery agent would receive grand prizes like motorbikes, gadgets and more.


3. Super Dining



Super Alliance by Super Dining is the official loyalty app for the leading group of Japanese restaurants and food specialty stores in Malaysia. Super Dining allows earning of loyalty points across its brand of Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. Customers need to display their mobile based QR identifier during the course of payment to earn points seamlessly. The program offers a variety of offers and cross brand vouchers redemption. This encourages its customers to transact across its brands while using a single currency. In fact, to avoid queuing at the restaurant, the app offers table booking via their loyalty app which is a noteworthy feature especially in pandemic times.


4. AirAsia BIG Rewards Program


The AirAsia BIG Rewards Program started off as an airlines loyalty program and has expanded since then as a comprehensive super app that allows customers to earn points from various partners. It averages 500,000 sign-ups per month. Some key highlights of the AirAsia Rewards Program are as follows.


  • Exclusive partner promotions and offers: Leverage AirAsia BIG Rewards points across utilities like travel expenditures (via BigPay), lifestyle, points conversion across banks/loyalty programs, leisure activities, and AirAsia credit cards.
  • AirAsia xchange: The AirAsia xchange prides itself as ‘world’s first airline points exchange feature’ that allows it to convert AirAsia BIG Rewards points to partner points.


The AirAsia BIG Rewards Program is on a mission to democratise loyalty campaigns and make them a one-stop destination to leverage loyalty points ranging from flights to a variety of deals. Having won several prestigious rewards, the AirAsia BIG Rewards Program is a jewel in the crown of Malaysian loyalty programs.


5. MyTOWNKL Loyalty App

MyTOWN, a popular Malaysian mall with international brands and restaurants, cinemas, and leisure activities, is a landmark destination for adults and children alike. 

In a unique category featuring mall loyalty, MyTOWNKL app drives the MyTOWN loyalty program. The MyTOWNKL app makes shopping convenient for customers by updating them about the latest deals, events, and redeeming their rewards. The benefits of MyTOWN loyalty include – 


  • Earning common currency points from various mall tenants, which encourages affinity to the mall.
  • App-driven facility featuring QR identifier to earn and burn points for vouchers.
  • Seamless earn process across merchants to issue points with MyTOWN app instead of carrying out extensive PoS integrations.
  • Personalized engagement and latest information about mall events or major notices.


All new landscape of the Malaysian loyalty programs 


We have just scraped the tip of the iceberg in our exposition of renowned loyalty programs in Malaysia. Although mid-sized loyalty programs are currently in vogue in Malaysia, the stage is set for conglomerates to drive bigger loyalty engagements. Malaysia presents an ideal landscape, due to its progressive economy,  for large companies to showcase their presence and drive robust loyalty campaigns.


We have attempted to kindle your interest with a few instances focusing on Malaysian loyalty. Although we have strived to keep the discussion as a checklist, we ultimately aim to share the best practices adopted by some of the loyalty programs in Malaysia. In a nutshell, adoption is far overtaking acceptance of loyalty programs in Malaysia. Looking forward to leveraging the full potential of loyalty campaigns for your brand in Malaysia? Connect with our expert team today to find out more.


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