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Fast, easy & intuitive omnichannel loyalty management software

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, organizations are continuously striving to curb costs and grow their topline. In such circumstances, focusing on customer loyalty is key as it allows brands to boost sales without increasing spend on acquisition.

Capillary Loyalty Manager enables you to tap into the potential of your existing consumers. In fact, this highly configurable and customizable solution allows you to micro-segment your consumers, build an effective strategy for each segment, and formulate a detailed growth plan that brings you closer to your business goals.

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Build consumer-centric loyalty programs that are also tuned to meet your growth objectives

Loyalty Program Management
Loyalty Program Management

Master the consumer-brand equation

Choose from points, tiers, or social and paid program options to design loyalty programs that work for your brand and your consumers

Configure rules easily

Leverage customizable, easy-to-configure rules to effectively upgrade and downgrade tiers. You can also allocate and redeem points and promotions to further bolster your loyalty programs

Reward referrals for better results

Grow brand advocacy with enticing referral programs that help you win valuable and loyal consumers

Get the technical support needed for program effectiveness

Augment the success of your loyalty program with an ROI-led approach to program design through our growth consulting services

Build rewarding long-term relationships with your consumers

Consumer Reward Management

Reward consumers at just the right time

Create event or action-based triggers that incentivize consumers at the right time in their purchase cycle

Enable meaningful, valuable journeys

Ensure a steady stream of revenue as you deliver relevant and trigger-based incentives to your consumers

Consumer Reward Management

Stay on top of your program performance

Loyalty Program Performance Management
Loyalty Program Performance Management

Measure your success

Gain comprehensive visibility from in-depth reports on program performance parameters such as membership growth, demographics, revenue accrual, liabilities, earn & burn, and promotions, etc.

Optimize on the fly

Modify and fine-tune your loyalty programs to maximize growth on the basis of critical insights from various reports

With Capillary Loyalty Management Software, you have what it takes to

  • super-fast

    Go live in super-fast time with pre-built program templates

  • real-time

    Track & measure ROI of loyalty programs in real-time

  • settlement

    Support your brand audit and reporting needs with reconciliation & settlement modules

  • million-transaction

    Ensure maximum security for your consumer data

  • scalable

    Handle over 2 million transactions every minute with a highly scalable platform

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    A loyalty manager is a platform that allows businesses to track and analyze all aspects of a loyalty program like identify top customers, personalize offers/promotions, create rules for point earn/burn, create tier systems etc.

  • contact_support What is customer loyalty management? expand_more

    Customer loyalty management refers to the overarching set of framework and strategies used to design, develop and execute loyalty programs. For more information on different types of loyalty program frameworks, check out Guide to Customer Loyalty Programs.