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95% accurate visitor & store insights

Get critical insights around visitor age, gender and fashion profiles in real-time with our intelligent store visitor counter. Powered by an advanced Machine Learning algorithm, VisitorSense also offers insights around people count, dwell time, conversion ratio and marketing campaign effectiveness.

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How VisitorSense Maximizes Store Sales

Customer Insights

Your Customer

Every time a customer walks into your store, VisitorSense captures critical insights like their age, gender and fashion profiles to help you optimize merchandizing and personalize offers/promotions.

Visitor Demographics

Product Affinity

Understand product aisles and sections within your shop where customers spend most time and map them against customer demographic data to analyze product affinity of each segment.

Store People Counter

Analyze Store Traffic &
Conversion Rates

Get real-time updates on visitor count and conversion ratio across multiple stores in a centralized dashboard to understand store performance and implement staff training initiatives.

                        AI Powered People Counter Technology

Best in Class
95% Accuracy

VisitorSense people counter uses advanced computer vision and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy data and insights even under variable lighting and weather conditions.

                        Store People Tracker

Marketing Effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of your digital and traditional campaigns by comparing store traffic and conversion rates across multiple promotion durations.

Person Tracker

Staff Management

Understand peak hours to optimize staff effectively across store hours to reduce over/understaffing. VisitorSense continuously tracks visitors and monitors conversion rates to help you evaluate and improve staff performance.

Why VisitorMetrix is trusted by 300+ Brands

  • >>Machine learning based person tracker with real-time camera vision processing

  • >>95% accuracy even under varying lighting and weather conditions

  • >>High availability & uptime for both hardware and software

  • >>Remote configuration and troubleshooting capabilities

  • >>Integrates with Capillary Instore for real-time reporting and advanced retail analytics

  • >>Easy installation & virtually zero maintenance

  • >>Monitoring and management on AWS IoT Core

  • >>Bidirectional and group counting

                        AI People Counter

Kontoor Brands


“Capillary has played a pivotal role in helping Kontoor Brands (formerly, VF Brands) improve our store performance significantly through the AI-powered VisitorMetrix™ which helps us understand store traffic and conversion ratio to optimise sales and marketing across all our stores.”

- Pankaj Agarwal, Retail Director, Kontoor Brands

                    Store Visitor Insights

Powerful Person Tracking Capabilities

VisitorSense empowers you with deeper visitor insights like age, gender and fashion profiles in order to optimize merchandizing, personalize recommendations and convert window shoppers to customers. The advanced Machine Learning algorithm also captures dwell times in different sections of your store to help you understand product affinity and buying intent of various segments.

Get a 360 Degree View of Store Visitors

Capillary’s visitor counter seamlessly integrates with your marketing cloud, POS and loyalty program software to give you a Single View of Customers across offline and digital channels. Get a deeper understanding of your customer's motivations, preferences and purchase patterns to create a frictionless buying experience and improve sales and conversions.

Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

Start measuring and improving your marketing and promotional campaigns by analyzing visitor demographic, footfall count and store conversion ratio. With VisitorSense, you can even start mapping the communication and content that is resonating with a specific visitor demographic. Furthermore, these insights can be used to allocate optimal marketing budgets across different locations and stores.

Improve Staff Productivity & Optimize Labour Cost

VisitorSense lets you boost staff productivity and optimize labour costs in several ways : set staff sales targets based on store traffic, monitor real-time store conversion, setup maintenance/staff breaks during lean hours, be prepared for peak hours by deploying additional staff and motivate staff to improve sales numbers through gamification/leaderboards.


  • contact_supportWhat is a person tracker? expand_more

    An in-store person tracker is an electronic device that uses computer vision and imaging technologies to identify a visitor's age, demographics etc and trace their movement within the store. In-store person trackers help brands and retailers to identify the demographics of their visitors and the products they were interested in based on dwell-times in each section.

  • contact_supportHow do I count people visiting my store? expand_more

    Store visitors can be counted with a footfall counter. There are several types of footfall counters and depending on the technology used, the cost and accuracy can vary greatly. The highest accuracy footfall counters are the ones which are computer vision-based ones.

  • contact_supportWhy do retailers use people counters? expand_more

    People counters help retailers to calculate several important metrics like number of footfalls, conversion ratio, staff effectiveness and marketing performance.

  • contact_supportWhat's the difference between a footfall counter and person tracker? expand_more

    A footfall counter merely counts the number of visitors that walk into a store, while a person tracker offers deeper insights like the visitor's age, gender and also track their movement within the store.

  • contact_supportCan a person trackers identify customers? expand_more

    No, person trackers collect only non-identifiable information like age, gender and the type of clothing worn by a customer.

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