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The CX Revolution: Growth Strategies And Future Outlook

The race between competitor brands in the Middle East has recently become very intense. Almost 70% of the population is less than 30 years of age with a dynamic purchase behavior.


Keerthana Tiwari

4 Min Read

June 16, 2021

The race between competitor brands in the Middle East has recently become very intense. Almost 70% of the population is less than 30 years of age with a dynamic purchase behavior. Unless brands build a robust feedback system to understand customers’ needs, buyers could easily jump to another brand to find their desired product. Therefore, brands must focus on constantly improving shopping experience, review feedback regularly and set up omnichannel interaction to attract the digitally savvy youth.


A quick poll during our fireside chat on ‘The CX Revolution: Growth Strategies and Future Outlook’ pointed out that most retailers hope to delight customers and gain their trust through their customer experience strategies. In fact, that is the holistic and big picture that 15-year-old fashion and lifestyle brand REDTAG is looking at. With over 200+ stores across GCC, REDTAG has been beating competition by its winning CX strategy. If your brand is looking at making inroads in the Middle Eastern market, here are 5 differentiating ways to build a next-gen customer experience.


#1. A loyalty program isn’t enough. Personalized loyalty program is the key


What’s in it for me? This is a common question in the consumer mind when they first choose brands. And implementing a personalized loyalty program that involves listening to your customers and delighting them beyond the transactional aspect of brand interactions could be the differentiating feature between you and your competitor.


#2. Addressing feedback timely and wisely


Quick response to customer feedback goes a long way in delighting customers, and in turn results in higher repeat sales. REDTAG gives huge importance to customer requests and as a policy, the brand ensures that customers get the exact products they were looking for. The brand enables store managers themselves to source the products and deliver it to the customer, resulting in satisfied testimonials from buyers.


#3. Retail is Detail: Data-driven engagement, from start till forever


Once the initial contact has been established with customers through loyalty program enrollment, brands must remember not to stop there and find ways to keep triggering excitement elements. Data-enriched personalized communication can keep customers engaged with the brand. The data can help predict the store visiting pattern and push customers to buy more by issuing instant vouchers.


#4. Omnichannel campaigns, keeping up with the trend


Earlier, retailers would focus on horizontal marketing campaigns and post ads in generic channels. With the advent of big data, brands have tons of data to help them segment customers and engage with them in the platforms that they are present in. For example, Snapchat is a popular platform in Saudi Arabia and it would not make sense to campaign on another platform which is barely used. The covid pandemic has further pushed the need to opt for digital channels.


#5. Domain Specialization


The most obvious differentiator from your competitors that buyers are looking for is – what are customers looking for in your brand? It’s important to provide the best from the domain you are in, and the hint to understand that again comes from what the customer is looking for. REDTAG achieves this swiftly by nominating personal stylists that answers customers’ queries on fashion and helps them to quickly find products that they are looking for.


#6. Aim for x+1 and never an x-1


The beauty of customer experience is that it is constantly evolving, and retailers can constantly learn and adapt to new customer behavior and emerging retail technologies. For more insights on CX strategies, Middle Eastern retail, and how you can emerge a winner amid competitors, check out our exclusive discussion with Mr. Shehbaz Shaikh (Chief Retail Officer, REDTAG).

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Keerthana Tiwari

Keerthana is a business journalist and is adept at catching market and retail trends. She enjoys analyzing facts and figures and often shares those insights through her writing. Before becoming a writer, Keerthana also had a stint in Biotechnology research.

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