Well, personalisation is your answer, especially the kind that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence. I’ve already talked at length about the impact personalisation can have on consumers and businesses alike. Here, I would like to talk about, how you can effectively personalise your engagement campaigns and actually see the results it can bring.

I’ll be sharing the learning from two brands who’ve used Capillary Engage+ to achieve 2X greater hit rates when compared to campaigns that were based on rules and analytics done by the brand’s analysts. Let’s see how these brands engaged their consumers in 1:1 personalised ways.

Give them relevant recommendations

With Capillary Engage+, the two retail brands were able to offer up relevant product recommendations based on the customer understanding gathered from the data they had on their consumers. As, consumers were targeted with products they were most likely to buy next, it helped the retailers convert these consumers easily.

Talk to them when they want you to

Capillary Campaign Personalisation Engine, also helps brands engage their consumers at the right time. Through analysis of consumer behaviour, the brands were able to determine when these consumers were interacting with these brands. The AI algorithm could segment consumers based on the time they were most likely to respond to messages and the time they were most likely to be interested in a particular product. Based on these insights, the customers were targeted at the right time, when the brands could get the most attention from them.

Make offers that hold value

Pricing can make or break any deal. Through price sensitivity analysis of consumers, the retail brands were able to serve up offers that actually made sense for a customer. This created a sense of urgency in the consumer’s mind that helped them quickly net better conversions. Not just that, these brands were also able to discount products optimally, and maintain better margins on each sale.

How campaign personalisation works?

Capillary Engage+ Personalisation Engine works on powerful AI based algorithms that take into consideration, your CRM data, customer data, product attributes data and your past campaigns data to deliver cutting edge personalisation to your campaigns. Talk to us to learn how you can also power your campaigns to 2X growth.

Kapil Raj
Kapil Raj has been writing about consumer behaviour, consumer businesses and technology in the fintech and IT space.