AI-Powered Consumer Data Platform
Personalize shopping experiences across channels

With so many interaction channels today, it’s difficult to know where your customer has been and how they engage with your brand. Capillary Consumer Data Platform gathers consumer data from all touchpoints to give you a 360° single view of consumers and drive highly personalized and contextual customer experiences

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Unify Your Consumer Data!

Craft Delightful Customer Experiences with Capillary CDP

Customer Insights

Get a 360 Degree
Single View of Customer

Capture and unify behavioral and transactional data from multiple sources like website, CRM, app, loyalty systems, social networks, DMPs, instore analytics and store POS to create a richly detailed Single View of Customer

Visitor Demographics

Business Analytics

Boost business growth, uncover revenue potential and new sales opportunities with instant access to transactional and behavioral customer data, and real-time reports of standard business KPIs

Store People Counter

at Scale

Enhance customer experience across all brand touchpoints via product, offer, time and location-based targeting. Capillary CDP features advanced rule based, RMFE and AI-based segmentation capabilities for easy, fast and accurate personalization

                        AI Powered People Counter Technology

Instant Access to Usable
Unified Customer Data

Improve campaign conversions, enhance customer support, and instore customer interactions with real-time, auto-updating customer profiles that are instantly accessible anytime, anywhere.

                        Store People Tracker

Predictive Insights

The AI-powered CDP makes it easy and seamless to create high conversion, maximum engagement campaigns by intelligently selecting audience, segmentation, type of promotions, delivery time, content etc.

Person Tracker

Omnichannel Engagement

Boost your omnichannel engagement with Single View of Customer and critical insights into audience behaviour across multiple channels.

Why Capillary CDP is trusted by 300+ Brands

  • >>AI & Machine Learning powered intelligent platform

  • >>Scalable & agile solution

  • >>Unifies behavioural and transactional data from multiple channels

  • >>RFM and behaviour-based segmentation and targeting capabilities

  • >>Supports multiple customer identifiers

  • >>Capture data across channels with webhooks, standard connectors & easy integrations

  • >>Easy integration with Capillary's customer engagement & loyalty ecosystem

KFC Singapore


“With Capillary, we were able to understand our consumers better, how they were segmented, especially in the delivery business, and hence we understood which offers to push to the consumers at the right time”

- Virginia Ng, Senior Marketing Manager

How CDP Works


Seamless Data Capture, Ingestion & Integration

Get a unified data platform for data capture across channels along with webhooks, standard connectors and integrations

Enhanced Identity Management

Cleanse and dedupe customer records through DMPs that take multiple customer identifiers into consideration to build a rich Single View of Customer

Real-time Data Enrichment

Capillary CDP's real-time data enrichment automatically updates customer profiles based on the latest transactional and behavioural events to ensure you get clean, actionable customer insights

Native Integration with Capillary Ecosystem

Capillary CDP seamlessly integrates with Capillary's CRM, Loyalty & In Store solutions to deliver consistent, connected customer experiences across all channels

Craft Profitable Customer Journeys!