Anywhere Commerce+

Build memorable experiences


Make it easy for your consumers to buy from you

Consumers are looking for seamless & connected experiences across touchpoints. Make every consumer interaction memorable by making it easy for your consumers to buy from you anywhere, anytime with Anywhere Commerce+

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Anywhere Commerce

Go omnichannel and sell anywhere with the anywhere commerce, ecommerce platform. Improve purchase experience, get a single view of orders, inventory, and maximise conversions by enabling consistent, connected experiences between your physical and digital assets


Go online easily

B2C or B2B, build your own ecommerce website or enrich upon your current online store purchase experience with Anywhere Commerce

Streamline orders and fulfilment

Order Management System gets you a single view of all your orders and inventory to reduce errors and time taken in fulfilment

Enable seamless omnichannel purchase

Let your consumers choose to order anywhere, pick it up from anywhere or get it delivered anywhere with Click, Collect & Deliver

Build an app for it

Build consumer apps such as chatbots, native mobile apps and web or social apps to enrich your consumer’s commerce experience

Put extensibility concerns to REST

Get a simplified enterprise integration layer with REST APIs for seamless connectivity between in-house or third party systems

Deliver omnichannel experience you want to

Create rich consumer experiences through customised product category tree structures, specific attributes and enable flexible, rule based pricing with Master Data Management

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Save The Sale Suite

Stay consumer ready by integrating all consumer touch points to build consistent, seamless and connected commerce experiences


Infinite conversions with Save The Sale

Allow consumers to browse your entire inventory and never lose an in-store sale due to an out of stock product with Aisle Unlimited Kiosk and Save The Sale App

Mitigate loss of sale

Don’t let your consumers wander to your competitors. Track and convert interested consumers with the Lead Management System and prevent loss of sale

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1:1 Personalised Experiences

Since consumers want to be seen as individuals, power them to get what they want, exactly how they want it. Build experiences according to each consumer’s tastes and preferences


Allow order personalisation

Whether it’s the toppings on a pizza or the colors and sizes of a t-shirt, allow your consumers to tailor products to their needs

Offer products consumers want

Make intelligent product recommendations according to known consumer preferences and maximise conversions with the suggestive selling engine

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Channel Connect

Ecommerce marketplaces are a great way to reach your consumers, but multiple marketplaces can also involve multiple operational challenges. Eliminate channel conflict and streamline marketplace presence with Channel Connect


Manage all marketplaces

Expand marketplace presence but reduce operational hassles. Setup, manage, and optimise order fulfilment with ease

Connected inventory

Get a real-time single view of pending orders and available inventory across physical, online stores, warehouses and marketplaces. Reduce channel conflict with a connected inventory

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Accelerate Performance

Utilise your omnichannel commerce platform to its fullest with a range of services and tools that help you maximise conversions and grow optimally


Stitch together consumer journeys

With WebEngage, capture cross channel clickstream data to engage consumers at the right moment

Optimise search and discovery

If physical retail is all about location, ecommerce is about Search Engine Optimisation. Capillary Accelerate services ensure you don’t get lost in the crowd

Reach your consumer with digital marketing

At Capillary Accelerate, our digital marketing experts can help you bring your products to your potential consumers and maximise conversions efficiently

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Get to know why providing easy, connected experiences can help make your business future ready


Pizza Hut

“Being in the process of completely transforming consumer experiences across channels, we're delighted to partner with Capillary to build a proprietary ecosystem of capabilities that covers the entire consumer journey. By helping us set up a Fast Casual Digital Store and more, Capillary is enabling us deliver the Easiest, Fastest and Tastiest Experience to our customers.”

Milind Pant
Pizza Hut International