Even before the pandemic, customer attention was at an all-time low of 8 seconds (a goldfish has a higher attention span of 9 seconds). Unfortunately for marketers, the prognosis doesn’t look great either. 

Here’s why:

At this very moment, people across the globe, irrespective of their age group, are adapting themselves to learn new ways of doing things – a  grandfather is learning to order groceries online, a teacher is gaining new tech skills to teach his students more effectively, a mom is learning her way around social media to stay in touch with the kids. 

We all are evolving with the new reality. Experts are saying the pandemic has catapulted tech adoption 5 to 10 years ahead of where it would have been had we not been forced indoors.

And this rapid influx of tech and the resultant torrent of information is going to make it even harder for you to capture the attention of your customer.

That’s why Contextual Marketing, Customer Experience and Personalized Engagement that resonates with the customer and grabs their attention is mission-critical for marketers. In fact,  86% of the buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience and by the end of 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Marketers can achieve their goals of revenue generation and optimizing costs if they identify the right engagement strategy for each customer based on their historical data. In fact, 64% of customers expect tailored engagements that are based on past interactions.

Here are some of our feature enhancements that will help you provide an individualized customer experience.

BEE Free Integration:

BEE Integration

Email has always been the go-to marketing channel to launch a new product, promote existing services, getting new business or retaining the customers. 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. Personalized and responsive emails have been at the forefront to drive business value for marketers with 59% of marketers saying that email is their biggest source of ROI. 

Capillary has always remained market-ready with its innovations and multiple platform integrations to enable brands to provide the best customer experience. The most recent addition is the integration with BEE Free email builder to create personalized emails with the easy drag and drop builder. It is convenient for a marketer to have one to one conversations with their customers with dynamic content.

The benefits :

  • Engaging customers with personalized emails
  • Driving higher CTRs with the relevant content for each customer

Segment Automation:

Advanced Segmentation

The first step towards exhilarating your customers with an amazing experience is to group your similar customers into segments based on demographics and behavioural factors. Different customer segments could be: a loyal customer segment who has not transacted in the past 45 days, a customer segment who has availed a particular discount offer, a segment of customers with a transaction value of 10k in the past 3 months. These customer segments can then be used to target the customers with the right offer that resonates. 

Capillary has an effective segmentation engine to collect data, segment the audience, and track their performance to improve campaign effectiveness. It has made an enhancement to increase a marketer’s productivity with the new segment automation feature. You can now automate the process of creating and updating customer lists without any manual effort in Insights+. 

The benefits : 

  • Increase the productivity of teams
  • Time saved with automation


X Engage

Customers associate brands with the experiences they provide. With customers using digital mediums for buying groceries to furniture, digital experiences have gained more prominence than ever before. Targeting your customers based on the actionable insights gathered from their data using AI technologies can reduce the information overload faced on multiple channels. Identifying the right channel where customers would prefer to talk, respond and transact with a brand is where they should be engaged to get the best results. Companies that successfully engage their B2B customers realize 63% lower customer attrition. And they also achieve a 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.

Going beyond formal communications and developing emotional bonds is what a consumer of the 21st century is looking for. Knowing your customer to enhance their experience on their preferred channels is what they like. Capillary X-Engage is an AI-powered feature to solve a modern marketer’s dilemma of targeting the right customer on the right channel. It automates the channel mix based on the shopping patterns and past behaviour of the customers to arrive at the channel where they are most likely to respond to and transact. It can be enabled within Capillary Engage+ to deepen customer relationships by engaging customers in the most efficient way. 

The benefits :

  • Higher hit rates with individualized messages on the preferred channel
  • Increase ROI by optimizing marketing spend on campaigns


Automation and AI are the two best friends every marketer must have to scale the business and keep his customers happy and satisfied. Right technology clubbed with a well thought of marketing strategy can enable brands to provide an unforgettable experience and enhance customer loyalty.

Isn’t it high time to embrace these features and create powerful customer experiences? Get in touch with us now!

Gitanjali Mittal
Gitanjali is a marketer with diverse experience in Product Marketing, Customer Management, Research Analysis, Content, Event Marketing, and Sales Enablement. She has a keen interest in exploring and learning new trends and technologies in the marketing space. Besides this, she is an ardent practitioner of Yoga and Mindfulness.