5 Must Incorporate Marketing Strategies For Lunar New Year Campaign

Festivals and events always skyrocket the sales of retail brands. Chinese New Year too is a huge opportunity for retailers to sell their goods and services using powerful marketing strategies. Let’s take a look at how some of the popular brands are welcoming new year and syncing it with innovative strategies across the retail landscape.


Aditi Jindal

4 Min Read

January 17, 2022

Roaring high this 2022 is definitely the festive spirit of people celebrating the Lunar New Year (aka the Chinese New Year) across the world. After all this year is all about the year of the Tiger. Knowing that the past two years have been tumultuous, the year of tiger reminds people to emerge stronger than before, come what may. Every year, the festivity begins with the first new moon and ends on the first full moon of the lunar calendar which is why the holidays last for days and even weeks especially in South East Asia regions like China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.


Retailers across the globe brace themselves for this festive bonanza and gear up for a positive start to the year with some grand in-store décor and incredible promotion campaigns. As with most holiday seasons across the globe, the Chinese New Year too is a huge opportunity for retailers to sell their goods and services using powerful marketing strategies. As we step into this auspicious period, let’s take a look at how some of the popular brands are celebrating the Chinese New Year this 2022 and syncing it with innovative strategies across the retail landscape.


1. Drive engagement with emotional loyalty



While incorporating Lunar New Year marketing campaigns to drive higher engagement, brands must also work on emotionally connecting with the people. The traditional Chinese New Year is high on people’s emotions. A reason why launching emotional loyalty programs specifically around this time of the year could be one of the strongest levers. A recent Forrester report states that customers spend more when they are emotionally connected with a brand. Place your bets on redeemers who often tend to shop more if emotionally engaged at the right time. Here is a quick guide on running successful emotional loyalty programs. Knowing that the Chinese New Year is also about gifting besides regular shopping, an effectively designed emotional loyalty program would eventually yield higher revenue and foster brand loyalty.


2. Empower your offline marketing promotions with festive contests


Besides store décor resonating with the Chinese New Year celebration, special in-store promotions must be promoted a week or two leading to the Lunar New Year. It is thus very important for a brand to time its offline promotions. Introducing QR codes in your store alleys for surprise offers or inviting your loyal customers for an advance preview of a new festive collection might just do the trick. Many brands also plan lucky draw contests with grand prizes to build enthusiasm around this time of the year.


3. Livestreaming in the post COVID-19 times



Needless to say, livestreaming has become one of the most popular sales channels in China and has picked up incessantly since 2020. Famous luxury brands have also shown keen interest in this medium. From L’Oreal to Louis Vuitton, brands are marketing their products like never before on the top ecommerce platforms in the region as part of their larger brand marketing strategy. But does it slay only in China? Not really! The livestreaming industry is touted to be valued from to $50 billion in annual US sales by 2023. Given the virus mutating into variants and surprising the world almost every year till now, it is time brands incorporate this strategy and play their Chinese New Year card well.


4. Building at-home surprises with experiential loyalty programs


Remember the McDonald’s campaign in 2016 where a Ronald doll came home for the Lunar New Year holiday? The tradition of Lunar New Year has always been about family. People come home, take off during this period to celebrate it with their families. Brands thus need to create similar experiences to sustain excitement by introducing campaigns like a food brand sharing online recipes, wellness brands opting for online fitness programs or engaging audiences with gamified experiences like seasonal quizzes, mystery offers, etc. The traditional dine at home experience with loved ones must be leveraged by brands by building experiential strategies that focus on creating these experiences, even at home.


5. Multifold your social media interaction



Brands’ presence on social media is indispensable. And hence, brands need to be aggressively active across regular as well as regional social media channels like WeChat, Weibo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. during this festive time. A Lunar New Year promotional idea could be creating videos on your app or website to launch a new product around the Lunar New Year which would definitely grab more eyeballs. A recent report by Cisco states that online video accounted for approximately 79% traffic in 2021 worldwide. In a digital-first world, it is imperative for brands to connect with customers on the right channel to reap maximum benefits.


With the Lunar New Year approaching soon, brands and businesses are scaling up to capitalize on this opportunity. You don’t always have to break the bank to gain benefits from the festive season, a thorough campaign planning with seasoned experts will enable you to achieve all of this with minimum cost. At Capillary, our experts help you achieve just that, book a demo to know it all.

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