It has been nearly 2 years since the pandemic struck and world economies have settled in for the new normal, let alone Saudi Arabia. Consumers from the kingdom are warming up to get back to normal spending levels, to make consumption choices based on aspirations rather than necessity. But amidst this new normal, do brands have the right strategies to reach out to these newly conscious consumers?

Customer retention has become more important than ever before. And while marketers are strategizing best practices, customer loyalty has become an integral part for them. Indeed, loyalty is the best way as it enables brands to win the customers’ hearts and improve the conscious consumer’s confidence in the retail landscape. However, in Saudi Arabia, loyalty is still an emerging concept, probably due to the recent and gradual social liberalization taking place in the kingdom.

While the Saudi businesses are comprehending over the importance of loyalty in their marketing strategies, here are some brands from the kingdom that have been very successful in providing loyalty programs with a wide array of rewards, discounts and other personalized offers.

1) Nuhdeek program by Nahdi Medical Company


Nahdi Medical Company is a leading chain of Saudi retail pharmacy, and its ‘Nuhdeek’ loyalty program fits all its goodness in a one-stop mobile application. Customers can register on to the loyalty program and experience a seamless purchase journey, beginning from an advanced pharmacy locator that helps customers locate the nearest store, upto a variety of convenient digital payment options. After offline store purchases, customers can easily upload a picture of their prescription to earn points. Customers can get 1 point for each 1 SAR spent, and after collecting 1000 points, they can be redeemed at any Nahdi pharmacy. The app also provides general medical information that customers are keen to know.

2) Iktissab loyalty program by Othaim market

Abdullah Al-Othaim markets have over 200 supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesale outlets and convenient stores across the kingdom. The company’s Iktissab loyalty program aims to provide the best shopping services to customers, by rewarding discounts and offers by Othaim markets and other third-party rewards. Special offers and discounts can go upto 50% on products like smart phones, computers, food and bakeries. The best part about Iktissab card is that it can also be used with other partner brands, restaurants, international brand stores, and Saffori Land. Loyal customers enjoy special benefits during festival seasons.

3) Al Fursan program by Saudi airlines


Members of the AL Fursan program by Saudi Airlines get access to a world of benefits including free tickets, upgrades, global lounge access, additional luggage allowance and more. Apart from these premium rewards, customers can also earn and redeem miles on a network of other global airlines. They can also get offers on banks, hotels, car rentals and telecommunication brands that have partnered with Saudi Airlines. Their three tiered loyalty program namely – Alfursan Blue, Silver and Gold offers varied benefits across different tiers.

Interestingly, Saudi Airlines also has an exclusive family membership program that enables customers to earn more rewards by nominating upto 8 family members. Members can be the customer’s spouse, children of age 2 and above, parents, adopted children and home workers. Each of them will get a separate membership ID through which families can together enjoy the benefits of the program.

4) Jarir discount card by Jarir bookstore

In an age where buying books has slowed down across the world as online reading has picked up drastically, Jarir bookstore’s loyalty program has pushed more people to buy books and stationery. The Jarir Discount Card guarantees a 10% instant discount on all school and office supplies, arts and crafts supplies, books and computer bags. The brand also offers great deals on other product range including their smartphone, laptop and tablet accessories collection. Offering convenience for customers, the card can be used both at the offline store and on their ecommerce platform.

5) Qitaf loyalty program by STC

STC’s Qitaf loyalty program aims to show gratitude to loyal customers, opening doors to a variety of exclusive and high-end personalized services. Customers can easily enroll through the mystc app and begin collecting points by paying the mobile bills through the app. STC has partnered with several restaurants, electronic stores, fashion and cosmetic stores, sports stores, travel and transportation services, petrol services, charity organizations and more to offer a wide range of benefits for their customers.

There are 4 tiers in this loyalty program namely Qitaf Classic, Tamayouz Gold, Tamayouz Platinum and Tamayouz Diamond. Differential benefits are provided based on the customer’s tier entitlement.

6) Tawasul program by Arabian Oud


While spreading sweet, timeless fragrances across the globe, the popular perfume brand Arabian Oud has a tiered loyalty program called the Tawasul program. Based on the customer’s annual purchase value, it categorizes customers into four tiers – bronze, silver, golden and diamond. With a simple registration gateway, Arabian Oud offers reward and discount points that can be redeemed at any of their offline stores. Loyal customers are also privileged to get early access to offers, discounts and other information before other customers.

What’s next in the Kingdom’s loyalty space?

From a basic earn and burn model to physical loyalty cards, Saudi Arabian brands have evidently evolved towards reward-rich digital programs. Brands are gradually maturing in the loyalty space, increasingly adopting advanced technologies to power their marketing strategies. But there’s more opportunities in the horizon – capturing the customer data. In the coming years, we may see a transformed Saudi Arabian retail landscape, where customer data will be at the center of marketing and brands will catapult accurate and comprehensive data and begin to unlock its true potential.

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Keerthana Tiwari
Keerthana is a business journalist and is adept at catching market and retail trends. She enjoys analyzing facts and figures and often shares those insights through her writing. Before becoming a writer, Keerthana also had a stint in Biotechnology research.