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Accelerate business growth with a smart eCommerce Marketplace Platform

To succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce market, you need a solution that positively impacts all key parameters without compromise. Channel Connect is that solution. A SaaS-based software that helps businesses grow sales across marketplaces, Channel Connect enables you to streamline operations, maximize sales, and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Go global with minimal hassles


Sell Across Borders

Take your marketplace business cross border, and sell on global marketplaces with ease

Get One Dashboard For All Marketplaces

Manage all sales and fulfilment across multiple marketplaces within a single dashboard

Take Real-time Action

Our API integrations with marketplace enables you to process orders, print labels & invoices for all marketplaces in real-time

Connect your entire inventory with a seamless marketplace management platform


Get Single View of Inventory

Avoid channel conflict, over-sell & stock-outs with a single view of inventory connected across multiple channels

Ease Order Management

Automate and expedite order fulfilment and streamline returns with a powerful order management system

Sell Store Inventory on Marketplace

Boost overall sales by selling the inventory sitting in your stores on multiple marketplaces

Simplify Returns and Reconciliations

Ease customer returns, store and marketplace reconciliations seamlessly


Get end to end growth consulting services and reporting


Gain the Expert Advantage

Maximise your marketplace business with our expert consulting services on marketplace business and operations

Streamline Operations

Gain from managed marketplace services right from product listing/cataloguing to promotions and even seller rating improvement

Know Your Business

Measure marketplace business success with in-depth analytics, reports, and insights

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  • marketplaces

    Sell on multiple global marketplaces with minimal operational hassles

  • stock

    Avoid over-sell & stock-outs with connected inventory, orders, and returns across channels

  • faster

    Process orders, and print labels and invoices faster for all marketplaces, from a single screen

  • selling-inventory

    Boost sales and reduce channel conflict by selling inventory in your physical stores- and on marketplaces

  • report

    Make smart business decisions with detailed reports around SKUs and profitability

Why Channel Connect is the right eCommerce Marketplace platform for you

From cataloging and order management to payments returns and reconciliation, you can now leverage a proven solution that is designed to deliver

  • marketplaces

    API Integration with 15+ leading marketplaces

  • integrations

    100+ third party integrations

  • dashboard

    2.5Mn+ SKUs processed real-time everyday

  • fulfilment

    1 dashboard for all marketplace activities

  • customer

    150K+ orders processed daily

To succeed in the highly competitive online business, you need a ecommerce marketplace solution that positively impacts all key parameters without compromise.

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