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Save The Sale Suite

Customers today are faced with a wide range of choices in almost every market. So when they do visit your store, it is imperative you ensure a smooth buying process to close every sale. Capillary’s Save The Sale enables you to do just that. A suite of applications designed to improve customer experience and optimize sales, Save The Sale allows retailers to sell products in real-time, even when out of stock.

Maximize in-store sales & conversion with an Omnichannel Endless Aisle solution.

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Save The Sale suite empowers both sales associates and customers



Save The Sale App is a solution that enables your store staff to search products and place orders on behalf of customers for ‘out-of-stock’ products at a physical store. This enables you to:

Empower your Staff

Equip store staff with in-depth information on inventory availability and allow them to book a sale using their mobile devices

Enable Real-time Recommendations

Improve quality of staff and customer interactions by equipping them to recommend similar products with artificial intelligence

Increase Sales without Spend

Realise over 2% additional in-store sales growth without any extra marketing spend



A ‘Customer DIY’ app, Aisle Unlimited enables customers to explore products and place orders from a pre-installed tablet at your store. This allows you to:

Empower your Consumers

Enable your consumers to buy exactly what they want with easy browsing of your entire catalog at their fingertips

Provide Easy Shopping Experience

Allow your customers to choose from various payment and delivery options according to their preference

Boost Sales with Intelligence

Enable artificial intelligence-powered personalized recommendations to upsell, cross sell, and boost sales


Save The Sale Suite is just the solution for your store

Capillary Save The Sale suite is blurring the lines between the offline and online worlds to help you leverage the benefits of both, and maximize your topline. You can now unbox your stores and turn them into a center of real customer delight!

  • Combat-loss

    Quick setup for faster results

  • Seamless-payment

    Seamless integration across existing systems

  • Recommendation

    No device or platform dependencies

  • Intuitive

    Easy reporting on inventory and sales

Leading brands are already unleashing the potential of their stores