Maximize Customer Engagement with Omnichannel Retail Campaign Manager & Marketing Software

In this age of information overload, what customers crave is relevant messaging. In fact, research suggests that the most effective form of communication is 1:1 engagement — an approach that addresses pain points of consumers at the individual level.

An integrated marketing platform, Capillary Campaign Manager helps you identify, engage, and convert customers, at scale. And with in-built tools to manage personalized messaging campaigns, Campaign Manager gives you the power to not just connect with your target audience, but speak to them.

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Manage, track and deliver with Capillary Campaign Manager


Personalize Messaging with Segmentation

Divide customer base into micro segments with over 80 segmentation filters, and target every customer with personalized messaging

Powerful creative studio

Leverage our powerful, one-stop content builder tool to design, execute, and automate marketing campaigns across channels, all in one place

Connect CRM with Marketing

Integrate your offline stores with your marketing strategy, and measure the ROI of every digital campaign by tracking actual conversions at stores

Advanced coupon engine

Increase up-sell, cross-sell, and conversions with rule-based coupons and personalized real-time dynamic vouchers

Build long-term relationships by engaging Customers with revelant messages at the right time


Engage at the Right Time

Construct sophisticated timeline campaigns with personalized messaging to facilitate continuous engagement and top-of-the-mind brand recall

Engage Through the Right Channels

Leverage in-depth insights of channel preferences to eliminate operational efforts and engage the customer at the right time through the right channel


Track ROI & optimize your campaigns in real-time


Maximize marketing performance

Track, manage, and optimize campaign performance through live reports of all key campaign metrics to boost ROI for every campaign

Boost store performance

Study store-level reports, clearly understand the conversions they bring across channels, identify low-performing stores, and fuel their sales growth through targeted campaigns

Promote Sales of SKUs

Use product-level reports to strategically increase sales of
low-performance SKUs, as well as new products

What does an Omnichannel Marketing Software bring to your business

To facilitate continuous business growth, customer engagement is key. Campaign Manager harnesses the power of marketing automation to give you the power to engage every customer with the right message, at the right time.

  • advanced-segmentation

    80+ advanced segmentation filters for customer profiling

  • Secure-list

    Secure list-upload functionality for digital campaigns

  • Complete-integration

    Complete integration of SMS, email gateways, and social media

  • Accurate

    Accurate identification of customers most likely to respond

  • coupon-integration

    Advanced coupon integration

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