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Unlock Growth with AI-Powered Business Intelligence Tool & Retail Data Analytics

Essential Insights is a self-serve business intelligence software that enables retail marketers unlock growth from real-time, actionable insights

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Real-time business insights for quick decision making


Stay on top of your Sales & Growth Metrics

Access & compare key sales KPIs & numbers across various timelines and customize the reporting dashboard to suit your needs.

Use insights to boost Store sales

Track your stores’ performance across various dimensions (data, time, user segments, geography, etc.) and uncover the possible reasons behind why some stores are topping the charts and why some are not doing well.

Design ROI driven Campaigns

Get a detailed view of your Campaign KPIs (sales, hit rate, redemptions, etc.) performance and strategize / fine-tune to derive higher ROI.

Understand more about your Product sales

Use a range of dimensions (category, brand, sku, etc.) to uncover insights about which products are selling and more importantly which are not. This will help you understand and plan supply chain operations better as per seasonality, customer segments, etc.

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24+ preset reports designed for Retail with easy customizations


Look deeper into your data with some of the standard reports

check_circleOverall Sales report

check_circleProduct Performance report

check_circleStore Performance report

check_circleCampaign Performance report

check_circleLoyalty Performance report (and many more)

Design custom reports and make meaningful decisions

You can simply choose from the existing charts/reports you want and simply drag & drop them onto your custom dashboard the way you want to, no need to run complicated queries. You can also choose to create your own report/chart if you wish to by choosing from an array of dimensions and KPIs

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Interactive & rich KPI visualizations on-the-go


Discover meaningful insights from beautiful visuals

check_circleGet rich visuals around your data and a variety of options to view them in. Be it a pie-chart, a line graph or data in a tabular format

check_circleThese charts and visuals are all very interactive and you can even deep dive further into a specific metric by simply clicking on them

Collaborate and create reports with co-workers on the fly

check_circleRole Based Access Control to enable collaborative efforts in terms of creation and analysis of reports

check_circleDerive insights while you are on the move with mobile dashboard enabled on your hand-held device

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Get powerful retail insights without any technical know-how

easy to customize

Retail-Centric KPIs & Dimensions pre-built

Drag & drop based

report creation functionality

Easy to use

no coding / query skill required

Faster Insights

based on advanced Big Data technology

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  • contact_support What is retail analytics software? expand_more

    Retail analytics software helps retailers make business and financial decisions based on the insights around sales and customer behaviour. It is especially relevant in the current times when customer behaviour is changing at a rapid pace.

  • contact_support What is retail analytics? expand_more

    Retail analytics is the process of using tools to identify business trends, patterns, and performance in the retail industry. It essentially allows you to leverage data-driven insight from your business and your customers to improve the overall shopping experience, improve sales, and streamline operations.

  • contact_support What are the use cases for retail analytics? expand_more

    On the customer side, retail analytics will help you identify and retain the best customers, by knowing who is loyal to your brand and which segment generates the maximum revenue. By optimizing your pricing and promotional strategies for each segment, you can also maximize profit. Retail analytics can also give you a better understanding of consumer trends to help you optimize demand and supply management, avoiding shortages or inventory surplus. This leads to better ROI and improves several other retail KPIs.

  • contact_support What are the benefits of retail analytics? expand_more

    Here are some of the key benefits of retail analytics:

    • Easily visualize multi-faceted business data
    • Analyze top-level and cross-channel sales
    • Personalize customer interactions for maximum engagement
    • Analyze the effects of your merchandising strategy
    • Receive immediate notifications about sales anomalies


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